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Scott's Archive: Inner-views, Commentaries, Feedback, and other Related Articles

The ministry of Scott Ross spans over 30 years. In that time, he interviewed countless people including celebrities, leaders in the faith, and extraordinary overcomers. He has also written many commentaries on such social events as 9-11, revival, and cancer. Check out Scott's archive below for your favorite articles.



Alan Autry: A New Sheriff in Town

Alex Haley: The Roots of Racism

Bobby Richardson: Saving the Mick

Brenda Lee: Little Miss Dynamite Changes Tunes

Bruce Porter: Ground Zero, Five Years Later

Caleb Quaye: Louder Than Rock'n'Roll

Charlie Daniels: The Outlaw and the Saint

Chip and Kim McAllister: An 'Amazing Race' to a Happy Marriage

Chris Maxwell: Life Interrupted

Chuck Colson: 35 Years of Faith

Chuck Norris: Against All Odds

Clay and Renee Crosse: Keeping Secrets

Dan Peek: An American Tale

Darlene Love: A Doo-Wop Girl Finds Her Song

David Berkowitz: Son of Sam Becomes Son of Hope

Deborah Billingsley: 'Sweet Home Up in Heaven'

Dede Robertson: Her Life, Her Loves, Her Legacy

Derek Prince: A 'Prince'ly Legacy

Dion DiMucci: Legendary Rock-N-Roller

Ed Bruce: Country Music's Christian Cowboy

George Foreman on Fatherhood

George Jones: Living to Tell It All

How Beslan Christians Cope with Tragedy

Inside the 'Soul' of James Brown

James and Betty Robison: Life Today…and Yesterday

J.C. Watts: Bringing Diversity and Faith to Washington

Jeremiah Cummings: Classic Soul Finds Salvation

Jim Caviezel: 'Passion' Actor Hopes for Conversions

Jim Cymbala: Breakthrough Prayer

Biking According to Jim [Hamilton]

Joe Moscheo: Did the King Know the 'King of Kings'?

John Carter Cash: How Johnny Walked the Line

John Debney: Composing 'Passion'

Johnny Cash: An Interview with the Man In Black

Jon Meacham and 'The American Gospel'

Jonathan Butler: Jazz, Drugs and Jesus

Ken Mansfield on 'The Long and Winding Road' to Christ

Kirk Franklin's Freedom

Kitty Saks: Hidden Child of the Holocaust

At Home with the Lovable Lemans

Lulu Roman: Hee-Hawing Through Life

Mark Miller: Who's the Real Sawyer Brown?

Marty Angelo: Live to Tell

Marty Stuart: Calling All Souls to Chapel

The 2nd Chapter of Matthew Ward

Mel Gibson 'Recut'

Michael W. Smith: Mr. Smith Goes to Washington

Michael W Smith: Renewed and Ready

The Story Behind the Nativity

Nicole C. Mullen: Painting Passion Through Song

Pat Day: Faith in the Winner's Circle

Peggy Noonan: Talking Religion and Politics

Ralph Winter: God's Billion Dollar Man

The Ramseys: The JonBenet Ramsey Case ... Open or Shut? (part 1)

The Ramseys: The JonBenet Ramsey Case ... Open or Shut? (part 2)

Interview with Alabama's Randy Owen

Rebecca St. James: Why We Pray

Ricky Skaggs: God's Country

Ricky Skaggs: Hearing God's Call

Robin Roberts: A Simple Child of God

Roger McGuinn: A New 'Season'

Ron Block's Roadblock

Sheila Walsh: God Matters

Smokey Robinson and the Miracle of Salvation

Stephen Baldwin: The Jesus Freak of Hollywood

Steven Curtis Chapman: Reckless Faith

Tammy Trent: Love Story Lost

Terry Bradshaw: Interview with Scott Ross

Artist Toby Mac Studies Faith and Patriotism in Latest Book

Tommy Cash: A Tribute to My Brother

Tony Orlando's Brush With Death

Making Peace with Hearst

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American Idols

The Big "C"

Bob Slosser: Another Patriarch Has Passed On

The Burden of Truth

Christianity or Islam

The Church at Ground Zero

The Cosmetic Church

Do All Dogs Really Go to Heaven?

Doing Our Job

Fame, Fortune and Other Foolishness

The Fight Against Fear

Flames of Revival

Getting Unplugged: Entering His Rest

The Ghost of Jesus

God, Love, and Rock'n' Roll

How To Kill Your Christmas Tree

How to Wrestle and Pin Down the Promise

(In Case You're Thinking About) Stoning Mel

Intercession for Israel & the Middle East

Invisible War

Is America Under God's Judgment?

Israel: The Apple of His Eye

A Letter to Peter

Loving the Lowlifes

Musings on Menier's Disease and Vertigo

New Song for a New Age! (part 1)

New Song for a New Age! (part 2)

The Not So Gay Way: A Look at Homosexuality

Politically Incorrect Commandments

Politics, a President and a Plumb Line

Powerful Encounters of the First Kind

Prayers Raised Up for Revival

Profound Reactions to 'The Passion'

Roundtable Discussion of the JonBenet Ramsey Case

Scott Ross Confronts Scotland

Scott Ross: Streets of the World

Our Secret Lives

Show Biz for the Saviour

Signs and Wonders in Provincetown, Massachusetts

Snapshots of India

Spiritual POWs

Time Bandits

An Uncommon Gift

The Visitor

What I Didn't Learn in Church Last Sunday

What's Your Spiritual Temperature?

The Whitewashing of America

With a Little Help from My Friends

Wolves In Our Midst

Wordy Talk

Wrestling with Writing and Blogs

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Viewer Feedback / Man on the Street

Christian Fundamentalism and the Covert Kingdom

From 'Straight Talk' to Praise

Heavenbound?: Responses to Pets in the Afterlife

Looking Back on the Ministry and Work of Scott Ross

My Brave Nose and Face

A New York State of Mind

Questions Raised from 'God, Love, and Rock'n'Roll'

Sheila Walsh: 'God Matters' to You

The Not So Gay Way: The Audience Responds

Taking Your Spiritual Temperature

A Word (and Words) to the Times

Your Thoughts on the Beslan Tragedy

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