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Powerful Encounters of the First Kind

By Scott Ross
The 700 Club

“Let the whole world know what the Lord has done. Tell everyone about His miracles.” (Psalm 105 1&2)

A Sign & Wonder in Scotland

As Charles Edward (Scott) Ross, growing up in Glasgow, Scotland, God was as much a part of normal life to me as the air raids. I remember sitting in the kitchen with my mother one day listening to a Bible story. All of a sudden, as she read, I noticed another person in the room. He was wearing a robe with all kinds of colors glinting from it like a rainbow. In his hands, I saw blood-caked holes. He had no shoes on and his feet were hurt and torn too. I looked up at his face and had to shut my eyes; above his shoulders was a blinding light. I knew who he was and wasn’t surprised to see him; what surprised me was that Mum just went on reading.

I nudged her. “Mum,” I said, “it’s Jesus.”

Mother looked up, then around the room.

“No, right there. Over there!”

The person I was looking at was not a hazy vision but perfectly solid. Except for the light where I couldn’t look, he seemed as flesh-and-blood as Mum. I jumped up and ran to him and just as suddenly he was gone. I burst into tears.

Mother took me in her arms. “It’s all right, Charlie. Don’t cry. He’s still here. Jesus is always here. Would you like to talk to Him?”

So right, there in the kitchen we knelt down on the old linoleum floor, and Mother showed me how to say, “Jesus, thank You for being here. Please now come into my heart.”

He did. Years later, that supernatural encounter would save my life.

(from Scott Free by Scott Ross – Chapter 2)

An Angel of Light

One night after I’d talked to Nedra on the phone I was sitting up in bed praising God. Nedra was staying at her mother’s now, and with the baby coming I guess her mother had decided the marriage was here to stay. Anyhow, her mom had talked to me on the phone too and been real friendly, and I was thanking God for that and a lot of other things, and pretty soon, I began to thank Him in tongues and even to sing in tongues which was a fantastic experience.

And suddenly right at the foot of the bed was this glorious shining light. This time the light was in the shape of a man and it spoke to me. Incredible as the whole experience was, I sensed somehow that it was "real.” I’d had hallucinations when I was on drugs, but this was different. My head was straight, all my senses normal. What the voice said was, "I am your Lord."

Well I was amazed and wondering why God would appear to me, of all people, when this little thread of doubt crept into my mind.

"You are my Lord?" I said.

"I am you Lord and your God and you are to worship me."

Still something about it wasn’t right. And then I knew. The joy and love I’d been feeling minutes earlier was deserting me, and in its place was fear. That cold, paralyzing fear I’d known in the apartment in New York, hidden this time, but lurking somewhere within that dazzling light.

And all at once into my mind came a passage of scripture I had read days before in Second Timothy: For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.

"Are you my Lord Jesus Christ?"

For an answer, the glorious figure grew brighter still, showering the room with light like a Fourth of July sparkler. And at that thought, I almost laughed aloud. Why, it’s like a vaudeville trick, I thought. The lord of the universe doesn’t need to resort to cheap theatrics!

And now into my mind crowded scripture after scripture, complete with chapter and verse.

First John 4:18: There is no fear in love; but perfect love casts out fear; because fear has torment.

James 4:7: Submit yourselves therefore to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you.

Staring down the thing at the foot of my bed, I hurled the verses at it like I was trying to drive off a wild animal with stones. It glowed and swelled a few more times, then grew fainter, and finally vanished altogether.

Man, then I really did praise God! I got up and marched around that bare little apartment like I was at the head of an army. I saw what the Spirit was doing — He was giving me tools to fight with. Tools of discernment. Tools of knowledge. Tools of faith.

(Scott Free by Scott Ross – Chapter 5)


Health to Your Bones

January 1, 1969, was our first full day of broadcasting. My show ran form seven P.M. till midnight, Monday through Saturday. That first night, to my surprise, I found myself talking about my daughter Nedra Kristina’s healing — how Dr. Roe had called her his"miracle" baby. I kept wondering why I was telling this now — I certainly hadn’t planned to. I kept getting the feeling I was talking not just into the air, but straight to some particular person.

It was several weeks before I heard the other side of the story.

A few miles outside of Ithaca, New York, in a little town with the improbable name of Freeville, lived a widow named Peg Hardesty. Peg’s home was a brown-shingle farmhouse sitting close up to the road next to a tumbled down barn.

For thirteen years Peg Hardesty had been crippled by arthritis, so painful she couldn’t even lift herself out of bed in the morning, but had to roll down onto the floor, then struggle to her knees and her feet. She got through the day on large doses of Darvon and Valium.

It happened that the very first night we were on the air Peg had trouble with her AM radio: not a single station would come in. So she switched to FM and twirled the dial, looking for music. Suddenly to her surprise, she caught the word "Jesus.” Some man seemed to be talking about religion. She heard me saying that Jesus had come to set people free and to heal. "We saw this happen in our own family. When our little daughter, Nedra Kristina, was born . . ." As Peg lay on her couch, listening, a great peace flooded her entire body. The next morning she sat up; then stood. She walked about the house with no desire to take the usual drugs.

The pain was gone.

Just like that.

At first, although she was a Christian and believed theoretically in God’s power to heal, Peg couldn’t accept what had happened to her: people just didn’t get over arthritis with a snap of the finger. All that day, and the next, and the next, she gingerly went about her house and farm chores, fully expecting the crippling pain to come back.

It never did.


Blind Eyes See

An elderly man wrote that cataracts on both eyes had simply "dissolved" one night as he listened to college girl telephoning in to Scott Ross on his radio show to accept Jesus.

(Scott Free by Scott Ross – Chapter 7)


God continued to meet our physical needs in crazy abundance. I'll never forget one Saturday noon when there must have been over a hundred people standing in line for lunch. Nedra, Peg, and Debbie had fixed two huge pots of stew, but it was obvious there wasn't going to be enough. The line of kids stretched from the kitchen pass-through out the door of the barn and clear around the side.

The first pot was scraped clean; the second one was getting low. Nedra, ladling out the food at the pass-through window, could see the bottom fast approaching, and still the hungry people kept coming.

And at that point a station wagon pulled into Peg's driveway and out stepped two middle-aged ladies, each one carrying a large flat pan. They came through the side door into the kitchen.

"I hope you don't mind," one of them said, "but last night while we were praying we had the strongest feeling that we ought to make a lot of lasagna and bring it over to Love Inn. So here it is."

Nedra put the last helping of stew on the plate before her. Her heart missed a beat, but her ladle never did, as she dug into the steaming trays of food.


(Scott Free by Scott Ross – Chapter 8)

I myself have had an unusual healing — of my teeth of all things. There are before-and-after X-rays to verify arrest of two cavities and the "disappearance" of five more. Recently a dentist studied the X-rays. "That’s God," was his only comment.

(Scott Free by Scott Ross – Chapter 11)

“This Gospel of the kingdom will be preached in the whole world as a testimony to all nations” (Matthew 24.14)

A Miracle in Minneapolis

Dear Scott:
I want to take this opportunity to thank you for sharing your time with me in Minneapolis and for praying for the Lord’s involvement in ACTS [American Charities Telephone Services, Inc.]. I’m happy to say that I have experienced no pain in my back or legs since the miraculous healing at your evening service. Even as I walked through airports, rode on planes for hours at a time, and walked further than I have in 15 years. Praise the Lord! I have studied the book of Acts since our discussions and I have experienced a new understanding as to the real purpose of this ministry as the Holy Spirit has opened my eyes to reading the Word. I find that I desire to share with anyone who expresses a need….

Although I was somewhat hesitant at first, I shared my healing experience with several CRCs that attended a dinner on Sunday night…. You were right Scott, the Lord is doing great miracles and wonders!

I cannot describe the comfort and help our discussions have given me. I feel the presence of the Holy Spirit and I welcome the power and guidance that He brings. I hope that we can keep in touch as I will value your guidance and fellowship.

In His service,
R. Michael Buehler (CEO/Founder)
Manila, Philippines

Hi! Remember praying for my neck and back? Well, they’re healed! God is good! I’ve been doing stuff with my back that I could never do before. Halleujah!

Mari Kaimo
Manila, Phillipines

During a special week of live broadcasts from Manila, called Miracles Happen, a lady who was contemplating suicide after learning that the man she was engaged to was already married, tuned in just as Scott Ross was praying for someone who was depressed and thinking of taking her own life. She felt the prayer was for her, and as she prayed along, she felt the depression lift and felt enveloped by God’s love. She chose life, not death!

CBN Counsellor – Manila
November 1999
Signs and Wonders in Switzerland

We must tell you that the vineyard you prayed for up in Vufflens had last year the best crop in its history! They had so much wine in our area that they had to commission private swimming pools to store the fresh pressed grape juice in! Every rail car, every storage vat in Switzerland held the stuff. A record and the local growers were blessed out of their sox! So, when you come back, you’ll have to do it again!

Pierre & Merryl Christian - Correspondence
Au Bochat,
Chigny, Switzerland

A New Identity

This young man called to claim the word of knowledge that Scott had concerning a man who just turned the TV on and had a problem with wearing women’s clothes. He had trouble with this for 15 years. He had never believed in the the word of knowledge previously. However, when we prayed he was set completely free. He is now born again. He also received the baptism in the Holy Spirit. His wife is unsaved and has divorced him and he has 2 children.

Tom Ward of Bradenton, FL

Life and Death Issues

Last June, Scott Ross had a program on teenage suicide and Michelle phoned in and talked to Scott on the air; she had been a Christian but had been struggling with suicidal tendencies for years. Scott had prayed on the air that God would be her Father spiritually, but in an earthly way, too. She said that night a powerful peace came over her and she has not had any urge to commit suicide since.

Her father is an alcoholic and is living in adultery; he had sexually abused her and had never had any time for the children. Michelle’s one wish was that her father would at least once put his arm around her and tell her that he loved her, but she didn’t tell anyone. One day in bed Jesus appeared to her and came down to her and put His arm around her and told her He loved her. Then he disappeared. Michelle was so surprised that “God who is the busiest person in all the world took the time out to do that” just for her. Now she wants to be a missionary after she graduates for college! She saw the show today and it reminded her of God’s victory in her life and she is thanking God for Scott Ross.

Michelle Lesley of Ridgeway, PA


Doubting Thomas

A couple of weeks ago I was watching the show. You were giving words of knowledge about healing. I prayed along and thought I believed. However, after the praying was done you said that some guy is all-alone and is skeptical about the healing. I didn’t think this was me because I thought I believed. But you also added that the guy is afraid of looking foolish. You said something like, “You are alone with God so go ahead and be foolish. Bend over and you will find that your back is healed.” I was startled when you mentioned the foolish part. This is one of my problems when discussing God. Even though I believe, I can’t seem to get rid of the feeling foolish and embarrassed. I have always been shy about most things anyway. Well, I was willing to be foolish in front of God and I bent over. I realized that my back appeared to be healed.

About fourteen years ago I had hurt my lower back lifting something heavy. I was in very severe pain for about a month. It slowly got better, but never completely healed. I have always felt some degree of pain from it. Sitting long periods of time, or exercising such as running has always seemed to stir it up even more. Since the original injury I’ve had a couple of occassions where just standing up after sitting down caused the back to feel like it did when I first hurt it. I could hardly walk. It would take 3-4 weeks to feel better.

I was hesitant to let you know about this because I thought maybe it was just feeling a little better but would surface again. However, the fact remains that since I heard you on TV, I have run almost everyday and have felt absolutely no pain in my lower back. I bend over and feel no pain. I don’t even feel the normal soreness that was always present regardless of whether or not I had done anything. What can I say? I guess I’m healed.

From Ron Gordon


A Stone Rolled Away

Dear Scott,

God bless you! I was detained from writing sooner because I was moving, so now I want to thank you for hearing from the Lord and acting on what He said.

At the end of June and beginning of July, I was ill and diagnosed with a kidney stone. On the evening of July 1, I was feeling worse than I ever had before. I was praying for healing and the Lord said, “Not by might or by power, but by His spirit,” and He gave me rest.

On July 2nd, the next morning, I was watching the 700 Club, and was receiving wonderful ministry from Kirk Franklin and God’s Property. Scott, you came forward and said you’d received a word from the Lord concerning a group member who’s mom had been diagnosed with cancer and you prayed for the man who came forward saying it was him and his mom. I was healed during that prayer! You prayed that the tumor dissolved and at that time, I was praying that the Lord would dissolve the kidney stone. The Lord did it! I felt the infirmity lift off me. I felt free and healthy. I called everyone that had been praying for me to say I’d been healed. I likewise immediately called the 700 Club, but the woman I spoke to said she wouldn’t write it down but for me to write a letter.

On July 3rd, the next day, I was scheduled for surgery and had to go because my doctor had said even if the pain goes away it doesn’t mean the kidney stone is gone. Dr. Herman at Shadyside Hospital found nothing!

The Lord said He healed me so when I pray for others I’ll have more faith. I know He can do it!


Please extend our warmest regards to Scott. Please tell Scott that I HAVE been healed and am praising God for it. I had a neck problem for 19 years and had a bad back for about 10 years that Scott prayed for on his last trip here and praise God, I’m well! It used to hurt me to have to keep my back straight for any length of time, but now it actually feels natural. I’m so glad I don’t have to do any more contortions just to get relief. God is good!

Laura Farrell of Chesapeake, VA

Healing from House to House

From Donna Rhine Dean

Paul Rhine, who was a Hollywood stuntman at the time, attended a gathering of friends at my house. In the course of the evening, it was disclosed that Paul had a great need in his life for healing. He had been diagnosed with life threatening prostrate cancer and bone cancer.

A short time later, Paul and I attended a prayer gathering at Scott Ross’ home where Scott, his wife Nedra, and others prayed for Paul. Subsequent medical diagnosis and x-rays revealed his PSA levels had gone down to a normal level.

Today, five years later at this writing, the cancer is in complete remission and Paul is fulfilling the call of God in his life. He went from bleeding, pain, fear, sickness, and a lack of faith to live as a healed faith filled survivor.

But God wasn’t finished yet! Again from Donna.


From Mourning to Morning

Dear Scott,
On February 23, 1997, I woke up with a heavy heart. My depression was profound. I cried all morning and returned to my bed at noon. My very dear friend Sheila called and invited me to go to church with her that evening. I was an agnostic; consequently, I had a belief in a higher power, but what who God was, I could not say. I welcomed the opportunity.

On this particular Sunday, a special event was going on at the church, called a “Sprit Explosion.” Scott Ross was a guest speaker that night.

The worship was intense. I was emotionally moved to tears, but not the tears of sadness, tears of release. As the tears streamed down my face, my lips smiled. Love was everywhere, almost a palpable thing.

Scott Ross was speaking about the Holy Spirit, and he was saying that the Holy Spirit was moving throughout the congregation. At that time, I was still seated crying, with my face down praying. He said to the church, “Lift up your faces to God.” I did.

My eyes were still closed as he walked past me, and in that moment, as I professed my love to God, I was electrified. My entire body felt as though it were being electrocuted simultaneously. My breath caught in my throat, and I believe my heart stopped beating. My entire being was burning from the inside out. The electricity was beautifully intense.

The Holy Ghost had entered my body, and set my soul free. I would never be the same. God had answered my prayers. In a sudden inhalation, my breathing returned, and my heart thundered in my chest. The electricity stopped and warmth enveloped my being thoroughly inside and out. I was finally alive.

All my troubles were lifted from me in one glorious moment. The peace that infiltrated the core of me was so complete that it seemed to seep into and out of every cell in my body. Like and ocean in the grip of a hurricane, my emotions had been, but in one miraculous moment, the awesome power of His hand calmed the waves, quelled the storm, and left a tranquil body of water. The water was as smooth as glass. Like glass, it was reflective, and it sent rays of Love like beams of sunlight back to the Sender. A moment so close to oneness with Him who is all things, and who is above all…Love.

I also felt a joy, so complete. Such exquisite joy that no precious stone on earth could match it’s beauty. So much Love and happiness.

He lifted my tortured, broken soul up into His loving arms and mended me. He held me for an eternity. He lifted the fog from my mind and derailed my coufusion. He loved me profoundly, completely, and I Him. A joy and Love so powerful that we humans long for it and try to imitate it, and sometimes we almost succeed. He gave us that gift; however, a representation of a thing, no matter how well constructed, can never be the thing itself. This Love and Joy and Peace they are eternal.

As I read back through these words and descriptions, I realize how inadequate they are. I invite you to experience them for yourself.

Theophilus (Lover of God)

Copyright © 1974, 1976, and 2000, by Scott Ross


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