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Scott Ross Confronts Scotland

By Scott Ross
The 700 Club

CBN.comScott Ross was born in Glasgow, Scotland of Apostolic Church parents and grew up in the US from primary school. Scott is in his element when preaching the gospel on the street and in pubs. He is a prophet with fire in his belly, like Jeremiah. He aches at the pain God's people are suffering and their humiliation at the hands of Satan. Scott's style reminded me of Jesus driving out the traders in the temple - an eruption of something quite different from what we had encountered in the previous sessions. It felt like the firmament was coming apart. When he began to speak it was with an impatience with evil and sickness that seemed to spontaneously break open a lot of suffering in the audience and people began to cry out in pain and wail in prayer. One person, a nurse, was called up on the platform and received instant healing from a longstanding back complaint. Another was called up and it did not go quite so well. Scott left her to be ministered to by others. At the end of his talk, prayer ministry took place under Scott's guidance and many people received healing for problems connected with negative spiritual influences.

The tenor of the conference changed during Scott Ross' presence on the platform and some complained to Francis MacNutt about this. Why was this unusual character brought on? Francis said it was his way of acknowledging truth in other traditions within the healing ministry.

Francis stated, "We are in awe of the gifts others have but we make very little out of the gifts that we do have. I for example, have always wanted the more extrovert gifts of prophecy and physical healing that Scott has but I overlook the gift that I do have which a sister once told me is the gift of love. (Not that Scott doesn't love) We all have to find out how God uses us according to our temperament. We have to be true to ourselves."

A deepening encounter

In the aftermath of the conference we have had letters and phone calls reporting its impact. It was an extraordinary encounter with the presence of God for many. The Team stayed at Blackruthven House with us and not only did new have a good time but the Shekinah of the Lord has remained since they left - especially in that heart of a loving community where meals are shared.

This visit was a high light of teaching on the healing ministry of many. The balanced and sane teaching of Francis and Judith, the careful theological teaching of Don Williams rotted in an accessible spirituality, the prophetic ministry of Scott Ross, and above all the loving presence of the Holy Spirit - all these have contributed to the deepening of understanding of God's love and purpose for us and the raison d'etre of the Christian healing ministry.

Adapted from an article entitled, "The MacNutts in Scotland," by Robin Anker-Petersen, appearing in The Magazine of the Acorn Christian Healing Trust. (Issue 2: New Year 1998/1999).

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