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Looking Back on the Ministry and Work of Scott Ross

By Scott Ross
The 700 Club – The majority of my work (other than prayer) is not private. As a result I get all kinds of mail, faxes, phone calls, and face-to-face comments. As the book of Proverbs reminds us: “Don’t praise yourself; let others do it!” In other words, don't blow your own horn. However, not all the feedback is uplifting, and I am reminded what Jesus said about pride and puffery: “Woe to you when all men speak well of you.” A man’s critics keep one in reality.

Thanks to all, both pro and con for taking the time to contribute to the “ultimate cause.”

From C.S.: I was an original member of your Love Inn group in Martinsville, VA, in 1973. I had an amazing journey with the Lord and am indebted to you. Martinsville changed my life forever. I had so many miraculous encounters with the Lord since that time that whenever I tell one of my many adventures, people's lives are changed.

From J.C.: I want to personally thank you for leading me back to the Lord in my teenage years! I was raised in a Christian but very religious home. By my mid-teens I was pretty fed up with the whole church scene. One Sunday morning when I was skipping church, I tuned into my local favorite Rock station WSAU Wausau, Wisconsin, and heard The Scott Ross Show. The fact that you used secular love songs, yet attributed the love of God to them was so fresh and really began to get me thinking about God's love for me. Soon, I had a real power encounter with God. As I was in the kitchen one day, God literally spoke to me and said, "BE STILL AND KNOW THAT I AM GOD." I stopped dead in my tracks and just wept. The Holy Spirit was all over me, and I rededicated my life to Jesus that day.

From P.P.: (from former radio manager) One of your programs is, in fact, using the Lord's name in vain. The name of the song was 'Life in the Fast Lane,' done by The Eagles. My announcers are appalled, my audience is shaming your organization... I cannot understand how you can allow your organization to start stooping to a posture that is unbecoming of people who profess the name of Christ. We will be in much prayer for you. Our new prayer is going to be: May God bless you and may you have all of the success that is possible as long as you do not take God's name in vain. If you do, then may God take the statement from the Scriptures which says, 'Vengence is mine and I will repay.' Remember Revelation 3:20.

From R.S.: I just want to say thank you for leading me to the Lord 32 years ago through your radio program. I was so glad to see that you are still serving the Lord also. Praise God.

From S.C.: You've been an inspiration to me, over the years, even though I first thought you were crazy. Now we are both crazy... for Jesus that is!

From B.H.: Just wanted to tell you of an encounter a friend of mine had that should encourage you. She was riding to a conference with a couple of her youth group kids and a man she had never met before. During the ride they talked about their backgrounds. She asked him about how he happened to be going to this conference. And he said, "Well, I grew up in church, but, ya know, it was boring until this guy back in the late '60s had this radio show. He was really instrumental in my wife and I truly coming to the Lord. His name was Scott Ross." So Amy says, "Well, you may not believe this, but that's who housed me when I was in Virginia." He went on and on about how much you had helped them and especially his wife. I thought you should know your fruit has lasted...

From R.S.: Scott, I'm one of those people that "just happened" to find your radio broadcast on the CBN radio network all across New York State! All you talked about was a living Jesus. I was an ex-Catholic nun, depressed and recovering from back surgery. I listened to the Word that you spoke. Thank God for your faithfulness in those early days as I became born again in my bedroom and filled with the Holy Spirit in 1969! Now here the Lord put you right in my computer, to remind me once again of those 'on fire days' and to remind me to stir up that gift that is within me. Thanks for still being there on the front lines.

From M.G.: This is a belated thank you. I first heard your voice 30 years ago on your radio program The Scott Ross Show. At the time I was a 15-year-old runaway. Life on the streets was pulling me into some very dark and dangerous areas. Through God's grace, a family took me in. On Sunday nights in the basement room I would listen to the radio. In you I heard the Lord's voice -- a voice of love and compassion. I knew no matter what I had done, God loved me and would forgive me. I listened to your program faithfully. Throughout some very unsettled years of hitchhiking around the country and slipping in and out of the turbulent lifestyle of the ' 70s, you were an anchor for me. You were a big part of my coming into a close relationship with our Lord.

From D.A.: (from former radio manager) I regret to inform you that your show is being discontinued... Most people in this area seem to be against anything with a 'youth' label. I received numerous complaints on your show, and even some women informed me that they were starting petitions in their neighborhood to have your show cancelled.

From A.L.: I tripped across the CBN Web site during lunch today, saw your name and I had to write. Glad to see you are still radical for Jesus! I was one of many college kids from Cortland that got saved at Love Inn. You were my first pastor back in early 1972. I’ll never forget a couple of meetings where the Lord used you to radically touch my life.

From C.J.: My wife was saved at a Phil Keaggy concert in Pennsylvania in the 70s, and her other Christian friends would get together to listen to the The Scott Ross Show on the radio. She still says to this day that show made them hang in there and stand strong.

From T.T.: Your cool, late night radio shows were listened to by many of my unsaved bandmates, who were really impressed by what they heard, and would never even consider darkening the door of any church! I'm glad to say that it was not wasted on me or countless others.

From M.H.: The other day a person that had been in my youth group 15 years ago stopped by to thank me for how I affected his life. This reminded me that I have wanted to thank you for your involvement in my life. When I first got saved in the early ‘70s I did not trust church people. My old dope habits kept emerging causing me to slip back into drugs. Your radio show was used by the Lord to keep me looking to Him! He used you in a mighty way, and I pray that His anointing continues now.


Scott Ross welcomes your feedback.

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