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Christian Fundamentalism and the Covert Kingdom

By Scott Ross
The 700 Club

CBN.comI recently sent an article from Blacklisted Journalist, “Christian Fundamentalism: Covert Kingdom,” to a number of my readers personally. I received such a strong response that I felt I would post it so you too might weigh in. It certainly provokes thought -- among other things.

The author, Joe Bageant, gives his view of the “right” as seen from a guy who went “left” and spiritually maybe even further. Personally, I don’t agree with those political definitions and labels as they apply to me.

However, this is more than a political or anti-Christian rant. Please excuse his “funny” language. It’s worth the read from a man who was born and raised in a "Southern Baptist family of many generations."

In the meantime, here’s what others had to say.

From T.H.: Joe Bageant’s remarks are exciting, troubling, frightening and convicting. [His article made me realize that] I have a lot of dying to do in my life, but I learned that death is the only biblical pathway to resurrection life. I don’t want to be rescued. I want to fulfill God’s purpose in my life and my generation.

From K.C.: Some of the stuff he says is too accurate but you can tell he's rather bitter. I don't think it's okay for people who think they're so tolerant to be so intolerant.

From L.W.: Thanks for the article . . . but no thanks. It is truly a waste of time to read such absolute trash, and it was not in the least bit ‘thought provoking.’ This man needs our prayers. He admits being raised in a Christian family and thinks he knows all about Christianity but he is definitely lacking a personal relationship with Jesus.

From P.S.: An interesting read. Rather than dissect where Joe is coming from, I chose to look in the mirror and see what parts of his Christian Reconstructionist description fit me... When witnessing to the [left] the only time I feel in the center of God's will is when it is ‘relational’ and non-judgmental. Like a cowboy on a bull, I hold on to the truth with both hands but have no pretense of understanding which way the bull will go.

From B.V.: What a mess religion has created, and I think we are living in a time when the Light is breaking on a new day of understanding what a relationship with God is all about. We are in for some major shifts. The journey is most definitely interesting and adventurous!

From H.S.: I know there certainly are Christians who have blinders on and live in a ‘Pollyanna’ world just like there are liberals who have no clue which way is up. But have you ever been to Eugene, Oregon? He calls that a progressive western town. I can tell you from personal experience that Oregon and particularly Eugene is the only area where you can still see 1959 Volkswagen busses with peace signs on them. They are still in the ‘hippie’ era, and that is no exaggeration. That line in his article was all I needed to know. Surely someone with a higher level of intellect could come forward from the liberal world and do a better job for their cause. He's a joke.

From T.H.: Joe may be closer to the truth then the differences he says there are.

From J.P.: As a believer, I find it troubling that my brothers in Christ too often base their political actions (or reactions) on the tenuous foundation of eschatology. As you often pointed out at Love Inn, Jesus warned against specificity regarding last things. Christians take enormous risks when we use a narrow theology about end-time prophecy, rapture, and Israel to justify backing the military might of a modern-day Rome in an indiscriminate war against Muslims. If we forsake love, we will be judged. To our shame, tolerance and patience have been condemned by many in the church as 'liberalism.' Jesus taught otherwise. Read Matthew 13:24-30.

From R.W.: The author reminds me of a truck driver/evangelist I used to know. He would stop by, spout entertaining gibberish, and then leave. He made you think, but it was, at best, a brief distraction.

From S.P.: So he’s pissed at God. Weren’t we all at some point? This says more about this guy than he thinks. What’s the point in talking about something that is not supposed to exist? It’s like an atheist talking about his unbelief in God. You’re wasting your breath. This man has an issue with his Creator. This man is crying out…He’s another Christian casualty we’ve tossed aside because no one sees any worth in him.

From D.W.: My definition of fundamentalism? Fundamentalists are a group of ultra-conservative believers who actually love God but out of fear have done everything in their power to restructure the outward appearance of a new believer to conform to the more ‘mature’ Christian lifestyle and then create a cozy, comfortable symmetrical box to live untainted by the ‘world.’ All right, I agree that [Joe's] perceptions are somewhat inaccurate and appalling to many believers but we must equate his struggle with a greater number of believers who are trying to figure out what all of this means in real life. Asking questions about Church, leadership, theology, etc. are very important to finding out what God wants of us…The Baby Boomers must not allow themselves to fall into some form of theological piety based on a fear-induced, overly structured boxes. Nor can they abandon their faith because they just can't find God anywhere at anytime resident in all of it. Either way, we lose.

Scott Ross welcomes your feedback.

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Christian Fundamentalism: Covert Kingdom

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