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From 'Straight Talk' to Praise“Don’t praise yourself; let others do it!” Proverbs 27:2.

"Trite but true: Scott just doesn't ask questions -- he listens to the answers. Scott Ross is a thinking, caring, and curious man, and that makes him a great interviewer." -- Pat Boone, Singer/Actor

"[My] Scott Ross interview was the best interview I have done on this book. Awesome. Scott gave me an opportunity to talk about things I never talk about.” -- Michael Medved, Author, Right Turns: Unconventional Lessons from a Controversial Life

"A good interviewer asks good questions. A great interviewer asks and listens. A gifted interviewer asks, listens, and can move effortlessly with the topic. Scott is a gifted interviewer." -- Ray Guarendi, Ph.D., Clinical Psychologist, Speaker, Author

"What a pleasure! I do like being asked good, interesting questions." -- Colleen McCullough, Author, The Thorn Birds

"The undersigned has been subjected to, delighted with, and exhilarated by scores of interviews during the past 20-odd years, and very few fall into the last category. Scott Ross did and does! Only a select elite can mix humor with depth, probing with respect, and high intelligence with a subject probably less bright. In a word, he's terrific!" -- Robert Ludlum, Author, The Bourne Identity and The Parsifal Mosaic

"Unlike most interviewers, Mr. Ross has a conversation with you. He leaves the third degree for others... Being interviewed by [him] is a pleasure. He makes you feel like you're speaking with a member of your own family, and you are at once taken with his sincere and wholesome persona." -- Ann Jillian, Actress, Mae West

"Each night I ask the stars up above why can't every interviewer be as good as Scott Ross." -- Dion DiMucci, Singer/Songwriter

"He is an excellent interviewer, as I can attest, both on television and radio. He gets at the issues of the day with dignity and insight and always makes a guest feel as though they have done something good, not only for themselves but for all of us." -- Fred Travalena, Impersonator/Actor

"Talking with Scott Ross is like having a stimulating conversation with an old friend. His boyish enthusiasm and childlike love for the Lord make you completely forget that you are being watched by millions of people. On top of that he is the consummate broadcasting professional with the ability to lead the subject where we know the audience wants it to go. He is a pleasure to work with, and I value his friendship." -- Roger McGuinn, Singer/Songwriter

"Scott Ross does an excellent job of allowing the presentation of all sides of a controversy." -- Barry W. Lynn, American Civil Liberties Union

"It was a great pleasure to work under Scott's expert interviewing and quick insights into the moral dimension of what people do." -- T. George Harris, Founding Editor, Psychology Today and American Health

"I left your studio with better understanding of your work and more admiration for you all... Scott Ross was a wonderful interviewer. He made thorough preparation by reading my book. Scott is outstanding..." -- Nien Cheng, Author, Life and Death in Shanghai

"...Do let me tell you how very much I enjoyed the whole Straight Talk experience -- the people, the place, and the show." -- Cynthia Crenier, Senior Editor, The World and I

"It has been my pleasure to appear as a guest on the Scott Ross 'Straight Talk' program twice. I wanted to let you know how much I appreciated the hospitality of everyone involved with the program and the professional manner in which the issues were discussed and debated." -- Gene Guerrero, American Civil Liberties Union

"He's very open, and he becomes part of what you have to say. He gets in there and encourages you to explore an issue. He's not looking for the safe road but he's trying to get to the truth of what you're feeling." -- Lola Falana, Singer/Actress

"Scott Ross? You'd have a hard time finding a greater combination of street smarts, on-camera savvy, and born-again gentleman." -- Alex Haley, Author, Roots


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