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The Not So Gay Way: The Audience Responds

By Scott Ross
The 700 Club Throughout the years my wife Nedra and I have had a real concern for those who have been involved in the homosexual lifestyle and wanted to change. We have seen God define identity and heal rejection and as a result bring liberation to people both male and female. The way the Lord made us. I had my own "crisis" with this many years ago. If you have been mistreated, for that I ask forgiveness; but be assured the Lord Jesus has never rejected you, although those called by His name may have. Your "sin" (and ours) He forgives.

I recently posted an article on entitled, The Not So Gay Way, and the response I received was overwhelming. I wanted to share some of these e-mails to help you better understand the difficulties faced by people who struggle with the sin of homosexuality. Here is just a sampling of the e-mail that I received:

From Jonathon: I am a 15-year-old from North Carolina. I read your review "The Not So Gay Way: A Look at Homosexuality," and personally I think somebody needs to open your eyes. I know all over the Bible, written left and right, there are a lot of things written about gay actions and how they are bad, etc.

I would just like you to be me for one day; to go to school and hear the words faggot and queer directed toward you just as commonly as the words "and" and "the;" to get out of bed every morning wondering why you are living; to worship a God who disagrees with your lifestyle?; to miss days of school just so you don't have to put up with the constant fear of being hated by almost everyone; to have your parents hate your every breath, and kick you out of their lives... And just when you think one person understands and loves you, god, and Jesus Christ, you're told he doesn't, and everywhere you go, even in the afterlife, supposedly you never get away from the hate and discrimination.

So I suggest maybe you don't flash such an opinion about God not agreeing with homosexuality, because thousands of people become depressed and suicidal because the world rejects them. The last thing they need is for God to do it too.

Thank you for your time, though you probably won't change your opinion. The next time somebody asks your opinion on homosexuality go ahead and agree with God, but in your mind remember, we don't need anymore hell than we already have.

From Anonymous: For many years, I was one of those who justified and practiced homosexuality. As a psychiatrist, I spoke and taught about the mental health homosexuals and on the genetic "research." Later, after suffering the consequences of my choices in this area I turned my life around and recommitted my life to Christ (I was raised in a Christian home and gave my life to Christ as a child only to stray later).

From Brian: I just resubmitted my first letter to you just in case you didn't read it the first time. I think that you should respond to it unless you aren't able to speak your own mind without using Bible quotes to back you up. Unless you live your life entirely by the Bible you have no room to judge others. You keep quoting that one passage in Leviticus, but isn't there also something about not laboring on the Sabbath or do all of them [have] expiration dates that I am not aware of. I think you & your kind need to either put up or shut up. Once again may God forgive you.

From Anonymous: I read your article and it touched me deeply. My boss is homosexual, though he claims that he has never had an experience with another man. He is a wonderful person. I've been praying for God to touch him, for him to find the woman who will turn him around (I know he'd make a great husband and father). Is that enough? Or should I confront him with what the Bible says? I truly care for him and I don't want him to lose his soul.

From Jon: Don't you know your doing more harm than good? It isn't possible for a person who is genetically homosexual to "find their natural heterosexual identity." The American Psychiatric Association and Medical Association agree that Homosexuality isn't a mental illness and that "conversion therapy" does more harm than good.

Conversion therapy is misleading since anyone who claims to have "walked away from the homosexual lifestyle" wasn't truly in it to begin with. There have been many scientific studies done one says that a LARGE percentage of the population "experiments" throughout their life with members of the same sex, it is curiosity.

All this hype you and other Christian organizations give misleads true homosexuals into thinking they are bad and that they to can change, when in fact they can't, and there is nothing wrong with them. It is also proven that your "conversion therapy" is inconclusive, since there are no long-term follow ups.

Leading a homosexual to believe that they are bad, causes depression in that person and often leads to suicide. Please do your homework on the subject with an open mind, and stop spreading hate toward homosexuals.

From Anonymous: Thank you for this message about your experience with Frank. I was also a "Frank" but didn't have anyone to help me. God delivered me a year ago and I have no desire for that sin anymore. I feel God is calling me to help other "Franks" that He brings my way. Thanks again for this message. It brings hope to the hopeless.

From Mike: I read your column about homosexuality recently. For the record, I'm NOT a homosexual and I do believe in Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior.

While it is true that homosexuality appears to be fervently condemned by the Bible, it is in a section of the Bible that remains antiquated by today's moral Christian beliefs.

To wit: The Bible accepts the idea of slavery, something that almost any Christian would agree is morally wrong and NOT the will of God. The Old Testament refers to other "antiquated notions" which no longer apply, since Christ died for our sins.

My reasoning is this -- If you're going to apply one standard out of the Old Testament, you have to apply them ALL. You can't just pick one section, use it for your own agenda, and ignore the other verses that "don't apply". If we are to believe homosexuals will burn in Hell, then we should also overturn the Emancipation Proclamation and allow slavery again.

I'm not angry or frustrated about your column, I just think some obvious points have been overlooked. It's what is in a person's heart that counts. If a homosexual can love and accept Jesus, then most certainly Jesus will love and accept him/her.

Scott Ross Responds: The argument for or against homosexuality is quoted from the New Testament not just the old. In addition, it is Paul's argument, and because it is in the New Testament and "all Scripture is inspired by God," it is therefore God's posture on sin, which is not antiquated.

I agree slavery is wrong, however, it is not the "sin" in discussion here. It is also interesting that Jesus never spoke to the slavery issue although he was surrounded by it. Obviously, the New Testament does speak to it, in Philippians. Galatians, Philemon, etc. Conversely, homosexuality is spoken to as sin.

The piece I wrote was to express compassion to homosexuals, offering the opportunity of hope to change, if they so desire, also recognizing that the sin, like any sin is condemned by God.

From Dennis: Scott, I read your letter on homosexuality posted on CBN & I commend you on your graceful stance against this sin & for our Lord Jesus.

Ya know, I completely stay outta that debate. As far as I know, I do not even know a homosexual nor lesbian. And I can't even stand the Christian USENET groups 'cause too much is posted in argument on homosexuality. I'm not against taking a stance; I do each and every day at work and in my community for Jesus.

But Scott, I sometimes wonder if we Christians are not going about this all wrong. We post letters, we take stands, we boycott Disney, but where and when do we put our arms around them and invite them to church or dinner? I mean, I didn't have to defeat my sin alone to accept Jesus. Jesus saved me then Jesus defeated so many areas of sin from me. I didn't put down the bottle by myself, Jesus filled me with joy and showed me I do not need to drink ever again!

We both know that God detests homosexuality. Do you ever wonder how much God detests "our" sins? My earnest prayer is that my heart breaks each and every time I grieve God. I also wonder what's it going to be like when we watch sinner after sinner being cast into the lake of fire, men and women screaming an awful tortured scream. Do you want to watch this happen? I know that I don't brother.

I just wonder, are we going about this the way Jesus would want us to ? When I witness, I don't ask a person what sin is in their life. I share Jesus and the plan of salvation. What if we stopped what the homosexual "community" calls gay-bashing; and start ministering and witnessing to them and just trust God that He will deal with their sin? I mean, all the preaching to them in the world ain't gonna make a difference who or what they "sleep" with; but Jesus in their hearts would.

From Anonymous: My friend in High School yesterday said at lunch that if he ever met a homosexual he'd shoot them. Now, he is a Christian fundamentalist and I am like a brother in Christ with him, but I have to disagree with what he said. Even though homosexuality is wrong, I don't agree. If he did kill gays he'd be sinning just like them (see Thou Shall Not Kill). What is your view on the situation?

Scott Ross Responds: I agree with you. Killing is murder. Although homosexuality is a sin, so is obesity and gossip. Should we shoot all the overweight people that talk too much?

From John: Hello and God Bless. I am a Christian. I am a pastor. I love Jesus, and know that He is my personal Lord and Savior. But I have a problem. My daughter, my only daughter, has just today told me that she engages in acts of vile perversion with her best friend from college. I had thought that when my wife and I sent our baby girl off to a good Christian college based in the foundations of Christ Jesus and His teachings that we would have nothing to worry about. But much to my dismay SIN was around every corner and SATAN hid in every shadow. The whisperings of the devil must have taken over my sweet angel of a daughter, for now she claims that she was "born this way," and that she "always felt like this." Now, we know we raised her to be more than this, we didn't raise a child to sin against God. But how am I to explain to my wife ... how can I tell her that her only daughter has been wooed by Satan himself? Help me. Pray for me. Pray for my daughter so that she might see the error of her ways and once again be free from demonic homosexual lusts.

From Steve: Thanks for encouraging "acceptance not rejection" in reference to homosexuality in the church. This statement touched me so much, because I've been struggling with homosexual tendencies/lifestyle for years. When I was a teen, I had a homosexual experience with another teen in my church. The teen's mother was a youth leader so what had occurred was totally blamed on me. I was labeled "gay" and treated as an outcast by the youth pastor and group. I believe this scared me, and my relationship with God continued to slip away. With the feeling of rejection and the label of "gay," I turned my back on God.

Last night I meet a guy that I "thought" I was attracted to; however, during the evening I became uncomfortable and decided to go home. When I arrived home, I reflected on what I know is right and prayed that God would take these "desires" away. This morning when I woke-up, I decided one way to return to my God was to get back in the Word. I turned on the TV and tuned in The 700 Club. I decided to stick around and listen. What I heard really hit home, but it was your comments and sincere concern in your article that spoke to me and to those stuck in this lifestyle.

Thank you so much. I think this was most definitely God's intervention. So often, I feel Christians (including The 700 Club) condemn homosexuals (and not the sin). Your comment was exactly what I needed! Please keep me in your prayers.

Scott Ross welcomes your feedback.


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