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Heavenbound?: Responses to Pets in the Afterlife

By Scott Ross
The 700 Club

CBN.comScott Ross' article on "Do All Dogs Really Go to Heaven" generated quite a response. From the message boards to the email, everyone had something to say about the ultimate fate of man's best friend.

From L.C.: I definitely believe pets are in heaven. As a pet owner and being married to a veterinarian, we could tell you stories!

From B.A.: Thank you for the article, and I too believe animals go to heaven. I work as a volunteer president of a no-kill animal organization in Western Kentucky called Pet Lovers United, Inc. We work with throw-away animals, no matter if it be an 11-year-old Poodle, 8-month-old Collie or a mix of six different breeds. I pray for many a stray/homeless dog, cat, rabbit, etc. I believe God does love animals. I tell many that may call our phone crying, missing the one pet they just lost, that animals go to heaven.

From T.N.: Gratefully, I learned something shown in Eccl. 3 concerning animals. Solomon's grim cynicism is confusing therefore we wouldn't want to mistake God's message. Respectfully, however, my main concern and constructive criticism is regarding your reference to the human animal. We are in NO WAY "animals"! Clearly according to God's Word: "In the image of God, lower than the angels", but not the same plane as animals!

From L.T.: Loved your story! I have believed this for a long time. Our current dog, a Boston Terrier (Harley), was truly a gift from God. He was born at our Vet's clinic on the day that our 12-year-old Boston Terrier (Casey) was dying of heart failure. God helped us make a tough decision to let Casey go, and He blessed us with Harley. I often think of Casey when I look at Harley. Harley is now eight years old and has been an absolute joy in our home. He is loved by all and is the favorite "granddog" to our parents. God is so great! Thanks Scott for you article.

From G.O.: I appreciated your article on animals and heaven; however, I must add: Ecclesiastes 12:7, the "spirit" is the breath of life and returns to God at physical death for all creatures. God created animals first, then gave humans stewardship over them. The Paradise of God (aka Eden) is an active part of the heavenly realm. Eternity is NOT spent in heaven but on earth in the New Jerusalem (which has the streets of gold, Rev 21-22) with God. All will be restored – ALL animals will be restored too.

From H.K.: I very much enjoyed your piece about our precious animal friends. The Lord has often used them to teach me about how to trust in Him and how to love Him more. I believe that since animals cannot actually sin as we can, they are the animals who will inhabit the New Kingdom. If I'm right, surely Alfie, Lady and Golda are waiting for you now.

From D.T.: Loved this article! Yes, they do. I was given a vision of this right before I lost my Danny Dawg. God is faithful. I listened to Him and took that dog in. He was my buddy. Towards the end, I told God I couldn't take another dog in until Danny died because I knew he did not feel good. I just couldn't do that to him. One eve, a pup followed my husband home, we knew God sent her. We always take in His strays. I was talked into taking the pup in, and that night Danny got very ill and died three days later, but right before he died, God gave me a vision. The puppy was to stay.

From S.B.: Thanks for "Do All Dogs Really Go To Heaven?" As Airedale Terrier breeders, a number of our puppy families have asked that very question, and these are good answers for them.

From D.G.: I just wanted to let you know your thoughts on dogs going to heaven made my day. I lost a 6-year-old German Shepherd to cancer in 1998 and no "religious" person that I talked to believes dogs go to heaven. I could never understand that if God made the animals, why He wouldn't take care of them. Thanks again.

From E.H.: When I think of Jesus’ sacrifice, it is hard to think of dogs. It is difficult to think of billions spent on dog food and care when millions are hungry and sick. It is difficult to see the money spent to promote the well fare of dogs and see the abandonment of unborn and new born. The emphasis on animals is so difficult to stomach.

From R.E.: Yes, animals do go to heaven. My Bible is the New American Standard, and it reads in 1st Corinthians 15:44. It is sown a natural body, it is raised a spiritual body. If there is a natural body, there is also a spiritual body. So, animals do have a natural body, therefore they must have a spiritual body. Which means they continue to exist after death. And there is no animal hell.

From K.B.: We had lost a dog in November. He was 17 years old, and I still miss him so! I agree that they MUST go to heaven. Your proof of the Scripture here is wonderful! Thank you for making me smile and for backing up this fact! I loved that mutt WAY too much to lose him forever. Thank you for taking time to write about a subject a lot of people avoid!

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