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Fill'er Up...With Fiber

Sweet on Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes are a Thanksgiving classic, and a superfood with surprising nutritional benefits.


Vision-Friendly Vegetables

Vision-Friendly Vegetables

Protect your eyesight with these colorful foods.



The Heart Attack Culprit

When it comes to reducing your risk of a heart attack, cholesterol levels aren't the controlling factor says Dr. Barry Sears.

Fridge Fix: How Food-Safe is Your Refrigerator?

One of the grossest offenders of bacteria and foodborne illnesses just might be your home refrigerator. Find out how to properly cook and store food so you won't get sick.

The Trans Fat Debate

Registered dietician Beth Bence Reinke explains why you should steer clear of these fats and how to know if your foods have them.

Obesity: The Enemy Within

It's not sloth or gluttony that is making America fat. It's something far more insidious. Find out more from Dr. Barry Sear.

Fill'er Up...With Fiber

Dietician Beth Bence Reinke sets us straight on what fiber is and what it does for our health.


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