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Valorie Burton: Discovering Your Inner Beauty In life, many people never fulfill the plan that God has for their life. Instead, they hide behind a poor self-image and hinder the plans that God has for them. Valorie says that "life is about so much more than what we achieve; it's about who we are and who we are becoming." She says if you are willing to grow and you are willing to be molded God can shape you into the beautiful person that He made you to be.

If you are not living a life full of purpose and achieving your dreams you must first look at what is holding you back in life. Here are a few signs: Despite your passion or desire for something, you do not take steps to attain it; you are worried about embarrassing yourself; you are hiding behind guilt and shame; or you allow fear to control your decisions. When you choose to move forward with God's plans for your life despite your personal fears the more your inner beauty will shine.

She says there are four elements in your daily life that can either hold you back or - when used as God intends - propel you forward. These four elements are your thoughts, words, actions, and energy. By harnessing these forces you will gain power and strength to get unstuck and become unstoppable in every area of your life.

Seize the opportunity to move from where you are now to where you want to be. Consider the following seven principles as you develop your strategy for moving to where you want to be.

A few years ago at a restaurant in Miami, Valorie was having dinner with some friends. The conversation turned to their individual goals and aspirations. Valorie began to share her hopes for the future as both friends listened attentively. They were both enthusiastic and encouraging. As she finished sharing her vision for her future, one of her friends spoke up and asked the question, "What's really holding you back, Val?"

Although her initial response was defensive she knew he was right. In their short conversation, he had discerned her talent and knew she had the necessary skills to turn her vision into a reality. Valorie already knew something had been holding her back, but she didn't realize it was apparent to anyone else. As she thought about their conversation later that night, she realized she must confront her fear of pain. Specifically, she was avoiding the pain of rejection. In order to accomplish her vision she had to ask for the help of others which meant she might risk being told no. In order to avoid that pain of rejection, Valorie had given up on the idea of fully realizing her vision. It was after that realization that Valorie knew she had patterns of behavior that were unhealthy and certainly not God's will for her life. She was living in bondage held back from achieving her own potential. She decided to move forward despite her own fears.

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