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A sought-after life coach and speaker, Valorie Burton seeks to inspire people to live more fulfilling, less stressful lives. She is the author of Listen to Your Life, What’s Really Holding You Back?, Rich Minds, Rich Rewards, Why Not You? 28 Days to Authentic Confidence, and How Did I Get So Busy?

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How Did I Get So Busy?

How Did I Get So Busy?


Life Tips From Valorie Burton

By Valorie Burton
Rich Minds, Rich Rewards

Four Goal Setting Mistakes

It's great to have goals, but it's best to have clarity first. Follow life coach Valorie Burton's advice on completing those resolutions.

Five Questions at Year End

The right questions can offer you an opportunity to grow and consider better possibilities for your life.

Let Crisis be Your Teacher

You can get through whatever hard times you are currently in. Here is what life coach Valorie Burton says about overcoming financial stress.

Signposts on Your Journey

What is God teaching you? What can you learn from what is happening in your life right now?

What Are Your Top 10 Blessings?

Complaining about things you don't have? Make a list of what you are grateful for and see what God has done!

10 Strategies to Master Your Money

Valorie Burton has tips on managing your money during the holidays and beyond.

Finish It and Forget It!

Do you have a hard time leaving work at work? Is your to-do list so long that it is never possible to finish everything you set out to do in a day?

God, I Need an Answer

When you are searching for guidance and you just don't know what to do next, follow these tips from life coach Valorie Burton.

Stop Going It Alone

Intentionally connect with the people who matter to you while accomplishing something that's been lingering on your to-do list.

Are You Ready for a Getaway?

Life coach Valorie Burton shares four ideas for getting away that may be just what you need to renew your mind.

Five Powerful Questions for Self-Discovery

These questions are valuable in your journey to creating your ideal life - a life of fulfillment, joy, and growth.

How to Give a Great Compliment

Encouragement goes a long way in propelling your friend, coworker, or loved one forward toward success. Life Coach Valorie Burton gives these pointers on how to do it right.

What Are You Tolerating?

Life Coach Valorie Burton asks you to look at those distractions that are keeping you from reaching your full potential.

When Are You at Your Best?

Follow your individual strategy for success by looking for the positive, not looking at your failures.

Upgrade Your Quality of Life

Implementing small changes can bring greater rewards in the long run. Let Valorie Burton guide you through the process.

Five Steps to Getting Focused

If you want to work your plan instead of letting someone else's plan work you, you need to prioritize your life. Here's how.

Clear Your Clutter, Clear Your Mind

You can breathe easier when your work and living spaces are free of ugly distractions. Learn how to de-clutter your life by following Valorie Burton's advice.

Time to Do It!

Dreams only happen when you choose to take action. Get some motivation to move toward your goal from life coach Valorie Burton.

Is God Trying to Telling You Something?

Be open to life's messages, whether they be warnings, nudges, or encouraging words. Maybe God is trying to get your attention.

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