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Are You Sure You Want That?

By Valorie Burton
Author and Motivational Speaker

CBNMoney.comI recently had the chance to take advantage of an opportunity I’ve said I wanted for a long time. In fact, it has been on my list of personal goals for several years and seemed to be aligned with my vision for my life. But as I’ve come closer to being granted the opportunity, my desire for it has waned. It seems sometimes in life we don’t discover whether we truly want something until we actually get it!

Perhaps the reality of the investment (time, energy, money) required set in, forcing me to analyze just how important it really is to me. In the end, I realized that there are other priorities I consider much more valuable, and this one is just not right in this season of my life. The goal I thought was so important may have brought external accolades, but it would not nourish my soul or give me more time for the people and things that matter most.

This week, I challenge you to reevaluate your desires. Is what you say you want really aligned with your priorities? Or have you set certain goals based on others’ expectations or perhaps what you think you “should” do?

Discovering what you truly want is sometimes a process of trial and error. As the people and world around you bombard you with messages of what you “should” want, it can be easy to adopt those desires as your own. Make sure the things you pursue in your life are authentic to who you are and what you most want to create for yourself.

If you’re not careful, life can become a series of conquests and goals rather than a joyful journey of opportunity, growth, and curiosity. Consider the goal you are pursuing or thinking of pursuing. Then ask yourself these five coaching questions to get to the heart of what you really want:

  1. What are my top priorities at this stage of my personal and professional life?
  2. Will this goal support me in living my priorities, or will it make it more difficult to keep my priorities in tact?
  3. How will this goal move me closer to my vision (be specific)?
  4. What will I need to give up (in terms of time, energy, money, or other resources) in order to achieve this goal?
  5. Does this goal nourish my spirit, or is it externally motivated?

Taking a few moments to reflect on what really matters to you can save you time, energy, money, and other valuable resources. More importantly, such self-reflection can give you the priceless experience of living an authentic life—one in which everything you do is aligned with the people and things that matter most to you.

Journaling assignment:
Write out your answers to each of the above questions. In the end, be honest with yourself. “Is this something you really want?”

My challenge to you this week:
Get clear about the desires of your heart. If you’re wavering on a goal, be patient until you feel at peace about moving forward with it.

Valorie BurtonA sought-after life coach and speaker, Valorie Burton seeks to inspire people to live more fulfilling, less stressful lives. She is the author of Listen to Your Life, What’s Really Holding You Back?, Rich Minds, Rich Rewards, and her latest, Why Not You? 28 Days to Authentic Confidence.

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