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From Goth to God

By Daina Doucet
Guest Writer

"Skull earrings and dreadlocks framed her pale face, accentuating black lips and eyes, darkened not just by elaborate eyeliner patterns, but by a profound sadness within." Evangelism Tools:

Questions About Faith and God

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Online Training for Online Evangelists

Through this course you will not only learn how to share the Gospel with others -- but also how to do it effectively online!




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Witnessing & Teaching
Eric Metaxas  

Entertaining People to Jesus

When people hear the greatest story ever told in a fresh new way, using humor and good storytelling, he believes people are willing to open their heart and listen to what we have to say..

More from Eric Metaxas:


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Answers to Your Questions About Jesus Christ & The Bible

Questions About Faith and God

Why do you exist on this earth? What is God's plan for mankind? How can you know if salvation is even possible? For answers to these questions and more, click here.

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Living for Jesus
Anne Graham Lotz's Urgent Call to Prayer  

Anne Graham Lotz's Urgent Call to Prayer

By Pat Robertson, The Christian Broadcasting Network, Inc.
" I received this letter from Billy Graham's daughter, Anne Graham Lotz. It is a startling message from someone who has served the Lord for many, many years. I pass it along to you as her call to urgent prayer for our nation and our world."



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Creation, Evolution, & Science

Evolution Outdated

There are thousands of biology books targeted for everyone from toddlers to graduate students. In all their diversity, they have one thing in common. They support Charles Darwin's theory of evolution. But do these biology textbooks support true science or science fiction?


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Surfer Evangelists -- Surfing the Nations for Christ

A new wave of missionaries are taking the Gospel to the world. The young guys and girls spend their days at the beach. But they're not just soaking up sun. They've taken their love for riding the waves and combined it with love for the lost. Watch this exclusive streamed interview.

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