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My Muslim Friend

By Greg Stier
Dare 2 Share Ministries

Who are they?

Muslims belong to the Islamic religion. They base their teachings on the book of Koran (Quran) which was supposedly dictated supernaturally to their founder Mohammed in the 7th century by the angel Gabriel.

About the Trinity?
Muslims absolutely reject the Biblical teachings about the trinity. They believe that there is only one true God and his name is Allah.

Biblical view:
There is one God and yet three Persons (Isaiah 45:5; Deuteronomy 6:4; James 2:19).

About Jesus?
Muslims believe that Jesus was one of Allah’s prophets. They flatly reject the notion that Jesus is God. Even on a human level they believe that Mohammed was a greater man and prophet than Jesus.

Biblical view:
Jesus is fully God and fully man. He is much more than a prophet (John 1:1, 14,18; 8:58; 10:30).

About salvation?
Muslims believe that salvation is only achieved through absolute obedience to Allah, the Koran, and the five pillars of Islam:

  • Affirmation (Shahada) - Consistent recitation of and belief in the creed that “there is no God but Allah, and Mohammed is his messenger.”
  • Prayer (As-Salah) - Praying toward Mecca (their holy city) five times a day.
  • Almsgiving (Zakah): Giving 2.5% of their income to the poor.
  • The fast (Siyam) - Fasting from dawn till dusk every day during Ramadan (the ninth month of the Islamic lunar calendar).
  • The Pilgrimage (Al-Hajji) - Traveling to Mecca at least once in their lifetime.

Biblical view:
Salvation is by faith in Christ on the basis of His death on the cross. Good works have nothing to do with being saved (John 3:16,17,36; 6:29,47; Romans 4:1-5; Galatians 2:16; Ephesians 2:8,9; Titus 3:5).

What do they believe?

About the Bible?

• Muslims recognize only one book as truly and completely divine in origin and that is the Koran. They recognize only part of the Bible as God’s word and they believe even that part is badly corrupted.

Biblical view:
The Bible alone is the word of God. It is without error. It cannot be added to or subtracted from (2 Timothy 3:16-4:4; Revelation 22:18-20).

How to witness to them

  • Remember to focus on Jesus and his deity. Muslims believe that Jesus was merely one of Allah’s prophets. One of the most effective ways of witnessing to a Muslim is to logically and lovingly show them why Jesus couldn’t be a mere
    prophet. Take them to the passages in Scripture where Jesus claimed to be God (John 8:57, 58; 10:30; 14:9). This forces a Muslim to recognize that there are only three possibilities about Jesus’ identity. He is (according to C.S. Lewis) either
    Lord, liar, or lunatic. Since He claimed to be Lord, then if He is not God He is a deceptive liar or a crazed lunatic. There is no middle ground. When you demonstrate this to a Muslim it is difficult for them to deny that their belief that Jesus was a mere prophet is at best a logical impossibility.
  • Various questions to ask Muslims:

• “If the Koran is truly God’s word, then why:

...are there four different versions of how Mohammed received the revelations in the Koran?” those four versions contradict each other?”

...did Mohammed receive revelations that he was to rob and pillage from passing caravans?”

• “If Allah is the same God as Christians worship (as Muslims claim), then why...

...was Allah known as the moon god in Mecca long before Islam started?”

...was Allah one of 360 idols worshiped in Mecca long before Islam started?”

...did the same symbol that represented Allah (the crescent moon) represent the moon god ,as well, long before Islam started?”

• “If Islam is such a great religion, then why...

...are many Islamic women treated barbarically (about 75% suffer the excruciatingly painful process of female circumcision)?” they routinely persecute, beat, and even kill Christians in Islamic countries for merely sharing their faith?”

...was your founder a man who built his religion on robbery and murder?”

More Understanding Islam

Recommended reading


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Used with permission. Learn more at Dare 2 Share Ministries.
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