Not a work of human endeavor, but a miracle
of God.

A Message from Pat Robertson

As I think back over the past fifty years, I want to shout out, “To God be the glory, great things He has done!” In my mind, CBN is a miracle. Not a miracle of human endeavor, but a miracle of the faithfulness of Almighty God.

I remember how my wife, Dede, and I came to Tidewater with three little children, $70 in cash, and a command from the Lord to claim the airwaves from the prince of the power of the air and give them to the Prince of Peace. I set out to buy a television station; I did not own a television set, but I was armed with the promises of God.

In the very early days, there was a prophecy that a microphone would go from Tidewater,
Virginia, throughout the whole world. At the time, our puny little microphone would scarcely get around the block, much less the whole world.

Yet, in these years, I have seen God provide the means to buy a more powerful transmitter; then a taller tower; then stations in Atlanta, Dallas, and Boston; then a network which covered the entire United States; a radio station in Bogotá, Colombia and a television affiliate in Manila. Like a small oak tree, CBN began to grow. Now, there is scarcely a place in the world where our programs are not seen.

In the early days, if a handful of people came to the Lord in one month, we would be happy. Since the fall of communism, the Lord has permitted us to lead 500 million precious souls to faith in His Son by 2007. We found doors of opportunity open which no one would have dreamed possible just a few years before.

And not only evangelism, but humanitarian ministry. In 1978, the Lord impressed on me the 58th chapter of Isaiah. I literally followed His command to feed the poor and clothe the naked. Out of that simple command came Operation Blessing, which is conducting medical missions all over the world and is delivering some 100 million meals throughout the United States each year.

But what about the next fifty years? Only the Lord knows, but I feel that as long as there are hurting people in this world who hunger to know Jesus, CBN will be reaching out to them with the love and compassion of the Lord Jesus Christ.