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CBN News' David Brody follows world of politics and current events.

Wendy Griffith Wendy Griffith is an anchor and Sr. Reporter for the Christian Broadcasting Network's 700 Club and CBN Newswatch

CBN News Senior International Correspondent and International News Director. Investigates and reports extensively on global persecution of Christians.

Christian news producer Stan Jeter

Dale Hurd: Journalist, news analyst and recalcitrant blogger, poking around Europe.

Lorie Johnson: Medical Reporter for The Christian Broadcasting Network. Love God, love my kids, love my job!

Heather Sells: Reporter at the Christian Broadcasting Network.

Mark Martin: Reporter/Anchor for CBN News of The Christian Broadcasting Network; favorite Scripture -- Philippians 4:13; family man -- enjoys time with wife and daughter

Efrem Graham: Husband, Father, News Anchor & Reporter

Charlene Israel: CBN News Reporter/Anchor, Dedicated follower of Jesus Christ, Total news junkie, Lover of people, travel and great food and music!

Erick Stakelbeck: Host of CBN's Stakelbeck on Terror show, GBTV contributor, author: The Terrorist Next Door: How the Government is Deceiving You About the Islamist Threat

Jennifer Wishon : White House Correspondent for @cbnnews.

Caitlin Burke. Reporter @cbnnews.



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