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5 Keys to Getting Your First Car

How to Never Have a Car Loan

Buying a New Car vs. Keeping an Old Car

The Power of Banking at Home


Caution Best With Automated Banking

Avoid Phone Scams


A Christian Approach to Borrowing

Diminish Your Debt

Home Ownership: To Buy, Or Not To Buy?

Kids and Credit Cards—Ugh!

Our Dirty Little Secret

Take Advantage of Free Credit Reports

How I Conquered the Debt Mountain

Keys to Recovery

How to Fund a Small Mortgage

Ten Most Asked Questions About Borrowing

Beginning Again Financially

How to Control Spending

Consolidation Loans: Inherent Problems

Good Debt and Bad Debt


The Real Cost of Mom's Job

Teens and Emergency Funds

Two Yeses and One No

The Sins of the Fathers

Should Young Kids Have Jobs?

Make Christmas Affordable

The 10/45/45 Rule

Teaching Your Children About Money

Should Mom Take An Outside Job?

Kids and Money—Leading With Moral Authority

Teaching Our Kids to Thrive in a Tough World

Making Your Marriage Work

Who is supposed to take the lead – husband or wife?

Are Wills and Trusts Enough?

Borrowing to Adopt


Do You Know How Much House You Can Afford?


When Index Funds Are Right for You

Should I Invest in Load Funds?

Picking the Right Stock to Bond Mix

Understanding the Dow

Make Your Money Work for You

Let God Steer Your Investment Strategy

How Do I Start Investing?

Look Before You Leap: A Primer on Variable Annuities

How to Take Market Turbulence in Stride

Is company stock wise?

How Much Investment Risk to Take

Make Sure Your Investment Decision-Making Is Inside-Out

Investment Timing Isn't as Important as You Think

Best and Worst Investment Options

Why Every Spending Decision Is An Investing Decision


Failure: The First Step to Success

Smart Business Sense

Life Insurance and the Goodbye Kiss

Tax Windfalls You Can Count On

Money Management

'Tis the Season to Control Overspending

The College Budget Squeeze

Ten Laws of Wealth

Dave Ramsey on Real Estate Ventures

Create Your Own Personal Financial Plan

The Budget Battle

Avoid the Money Trap

The Donald Way Not the Best

Spending Strategies To Help You Live Within Your Budget

Preachers Are Paid to be Good

Don't Miss the Obvious

Portrait of a Millionaire

Godly Money Management: The Great Balancing Act

Rehydrate Your Finances

Life Insurance for a Non-Working Spouse

Smoke, Mirrors, and Money

Financial Principles Worth Knowing

How Deceit Destroys

How to Prosper from Problems

Making Financial Decisions

Material Things Demand Attention

Dealing with Emergencies

Budget for Miscellaneous

Budgeting a Contingency Fund

Budgeting on a Fluctuating Income

How to Control Spending

Finding Financial Freedom

Budget Busters

Impulsive and Compulsive Spending


IRA or 401(k)?

Retirement: Preparing for an Uncertain Future

Retirement—Is it mandatory?

Building Your Retirement Assets and Making Them Last


The Smart College Savings Plan

Dialing for Dollars

A Two-Step Approach to Frugal Living

Great Ways to Cut Medical Costs

Keeping the Home Fires Burning

Using a Roth IRA to Save for College

Boost Your Savings

Inflation—The Silent Thief

How Much Emergency Savings Do You Really Need?

Beat the Odds -- Look to the Future

How to Build a Nest Egg


Years of Plenty, Years of Famine

More Than Just Money

A Window of Opportunity to Give

Love God, Not Riches

Christian Advice on Paying Your Taxes

Live and Learn

Financial Prosperity -- Pat Robertson

Giving and Tithing -- Pat Robertson

The Currency of Heaven

Handling The Master's Money

“Have I got a deal for you!”

Whatever God Requires, He Provides



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