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Experience Spring in Your Career

It's that time of year when the flowers are blooming. The same can be true for your career with these tips from Dan Miller.

The Great Lay-Off Debate

We are hearing more and more about company lay-offs from the news media, but life coach Dan Miller says job opportunity still abounds.

Free Money

Want to start your own business but can't seem to come up with the capital to back it? Dan Miller has a plan.

Unemployed or Ready to Launch?

If you are currently out of work, here's life coach Dan Miller's encouragement on staying productive during the job search.

The Freedom of a Fresh Start

Don't let the economy get you down; be optimistic about starting over. Here's great advice from life coach Dan Miller.

Why Your Dreams are Vital

Desperate times call for creative measures, so don't think you have to 'get practical' in order to find work in today's job environment.

Overcoming a Crushed Spirit

When times are tough and you feel down, be sure you are depositing good things into your life to keep your spirit alive.

Do You Deserve a Better Life

Don't let fear hold you back from trying new career ventures this year.

New Year, New Opportunity

Don't look to external circumstances to determine your future or your state of happiness. Live beyond the short term to find the silver lining.

When You Have Nothing

You might lose your job and your home, but losing hope is a choice. Here's how to stay positive with life coach Dan Miller.

Think Your Way to Success

Don't sabotage your career with negative thinking. If you think you can accomplish great things, you can!

The Five-Minute Wonder

Don't create something that will fall apart in only a few short years. Find a better way to keep your customers coming back.

'Right' Turns Only

Wouldn't it be great if you could avoid making those costly wrong turns in your life? Life Coach Dan Miller helps you set your course.

Even a Turkey Can Fly

Don't get stuck in the economic downturn. Learn how to fly above and get a better view of your situation.

No Corporate Corruption

Just because it might be "your job" doesn't mean you should ever consider doing something morally wrong.

Don't Jump to Conclusions

Are your current circumstances sign of a blessing or a curse? Perhaps it might be best to withhold judgment for a little while.

If Money Were No Object

Would you do your job for free if time or money weren't the issue?

Teach That Horse to Fly

You might have more options than you think in dire circumstances. Learn how you can fly whatever your vocational plight.

Out-of-the-Box Thinking

Creative? An artist? Your career path might not be as clear cut, but you can still find great success.

Beyond Mediocrity

Who will most likely succeed? The one born into wealth, or the one born into adversity? Find out from life coach Dan Miller.

Suddenly I Took Action

This week, career coach Dan Miller looks to the book of Isaiah for some practical wisdom in following your dreams.

Does Your Boss Trust You?

Telecommuting offers both flexibility and efficiency. But some employers are concerned that workers aren't doing their jobs.

Be a Go-Giver

These 'five laws of stratospheric success' might be just what you need to re-prioritize your career.

The Red Velvet Rope

This week, life coach Dan Miller looks at the importance of surrounding yourself with the right people and activities to bring success.

What's Holding You Back?

Did you know that God says to us "do not be afraid" more than 300 times in His Word?

All Adam's Fault

Some might say all work is a curse, but career coach Dan Miller begs to differ. He says work should be exciting and fulfilling.

No More Abuse

Do you do your work only because of the paycheck you get? Do you long to leave for something more enjoyable?

Reject That Promotion

Climbing the corporate ladder isn't always the good thing if your new, better-paying job doesn't utilize your competencies.

Losing Your Soul?

Making your money-generating idea a reality is possible with these tips from career coach Dan Miller.

Heed the Hebrew

A lesson in the biblical language puts some perspective on your job, courtesy of career coach Dan Miller.

Bulimic Work

Are you in a stressful job and the only way you get peace is to completely stop working? Career coach Dan Miller has tips for you.

Are You Lazy?

Learn those telltale signs that pinpoint whether you or someone you know is a sluggard.

Disaster or Opportunity?

Learn how to take those job failures and launch into a new successful venture.

Mine Today's Gold Rush

Look for those money-making opportunities. They are likely right under your nose.

Discover Your True Calling at Work

Career coach Dan Miller, author of No More Mondays, gives the skinny on today's job market and how you can stay ahead of the curve in this special video presentation.

Porsche or Lawnmower?

What's blocking you from finding your passion and integrating it into your work?

Be an Instapreneur

These days you have to think outside the box to grab hold of the best financial opportunities.

Make Changes, Discern Hoaxes

If you want success, you have to remove yourself from the status quo and grab hold of some wisdom along to way.


Dan Miller is the bestselling author of 48 Days To The Work You Love and a renowned Life Coach specializing in career fulfillment. His weekly newsletter reaches 70,000 subscribers. Dan’s articles are featured here at CBN on Tuesdays, and you can find out more about Dan at

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