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By Crown Financial Ministries

CBNMoney.comYears ago in my corporate life I received a newly drafted company ethics policy. One of the first declarations all employees were required to comply with and sign stated, “No one directly or indirectly would buy favors or influence any outside party for the benefit of the individual or the business.”

A few days later I received a letter from the CEO. The essence of the letter was, “Dear Rick, as a senior vice president of this organization your annual contribution to the company political action committee is $150. Please remit your check within the next two weeks.” This was not a request as in previous years; this was a demand.

With the new ethics statement, which I had signed, fresh on my mind, I called the person responsible for managing the company PAC. I asked for details as to where my PAC dollars would be invested, and why.

“We give to everybody,” was his reply. “We want everyone beholden to us. You wouldn’t believe how effective this PAC money is.” He went on, “There’s one Democrat who we don’t agree much with his politics, but every time we give him money he’ll railroad any bill we ask through the state legislature.” That was all I needed to hear. I chose not to participate in the PAC from that point forward.

Leaders in business cannot be effective in establishing moral codes of ethics and core values in their workplace if they don’t model them themselves. Integrity requires strong leadership and a commitment to what is right. If staff even suspects a leader isn’t committed to the same standards they are preaching, then the organization will have a cancer eating away at its core. If you are a leader, be a leader of integrity. Walk the walk as well as talk the talk.

Rick Boxx is the President of Integrity Resource Center (IRC), a nonprofit ministry providing biblically-based resources, training and counsel to business and ministry leaders. You can learn more about IRC by visiting their web site at or by emailing Rick at

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