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"On another site, I felt like half the battle was weeding out the crazy men, but on Marry Well I have been greeted by mature men who have similar goals and whose Christianity shapes their life." Rebekah

"I really like how the general feel of the site isn't about growing the numbers and making money, but genuinely bringing together like-minded men and women.  I'm very hopeful that God will continue to use this Web site for His purposes and for His glory."  – James

"I am passionate that Marry Well is only in its infancy.  When the Marry Well movement begins we will see the Web site as only one tool in the process of creating a new wave of marriages in the Evangelical Community."  – Elizabeth

"I joined at the initial launch and really enjoyed the process of setting up my account and profile and reading all the great information they have to help you as you go down the road. I began to chat with a nice guy who had left a comment on my profile. Just this past week, he was very clear in stating his intentions toward me as a potential spouse.  I can see God at work during this whole event and answering many prayers prayed over many years by us all. I can't wait to see where this leads, and I would highly recommend this site to other single people!" – Melody

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Marry Well: Forging the Path toward Marriage

By Jennifer E. Jones
Multi-Media Producer“Make love happen.”

“When you’re ready to find the love of your life…”

“Empower your love life.”

Today’s dating Web sites are (figuratively and literally) charging singles to enhance their search for romance with the click of a mouse.  From TV spots to ads showing up in your inbox, the bombardment of messages offer the option to find the relationship you’ve been looking for… or at least a date that may end with a passionate kiss after getting caught in the rain. With all this talk about love, is there anyone out there who wants to help singles look for something more? Not just the promise of a new relationship, but one that is headed purposely towards marriage? One site is going beyond generic promises to guide the hopeful toward real connections that lead to holy matrimony.

Marry Well sprouted from Steve Watters and the other editors of the webzine Boundless. For years, Steve, his wife Candice and others on the Boundless team provided articles, blogs and podcasts on the importance of singles being intentional about getting married. Now, they have taken it one step further by connecting these singles to each other and to resources to help their search for martial bliss.

“What we decided is it’s not just a matching service,” Watters tells “We wanted to lead with a message. The ideas we poured into Boundless were taking a Biblical approach to marriage, and now we connect people with that same approach.”

First and foremost, Marry Well makes it clear that the goal is to do just that: marry well. There are no options for wanting pen pals or friends. While other sites offer only monthly or year plans, Marry Well has the unique “member ‘till marriage” track, which is exactly what it sounds like (for one flat fee, you retain membership to the site until you marry).

Upon signing up, members can choose paths depending on where they are in their search. From learning about dating to preparing for marriage and beyond, resources are available for every step. All the while, members fill out extensive profiles and interact with other members within a community of believers.

And yes, there’s no question that this is a Christian site. Although it doesn’t necessarily bill itself as such, questions throughout the profile editing process are geared towards Judeo-Christian faith (i.e., “Who is your favorite pastor?”).

In addition to singles looking specifically toward the altar, another feature of Marry Well is the addition of personal references and mentors from the members’ real lives. “We try not to have isolation like other sites. Mentors can see interactions and comments. It bridges the virtual life with the daily life, and it brings accountability,” Watters explains.

Being a start-up dating site that is not even six-month old yet, Marry Well suffers from a sparseness of members (particularly men) in certain regions; however, the members and creators are confident this will change as the word gets out.

“We’re never going to get past the mystery of the path to marriage, how women and men interact. God has a purpose in it. We’re eliminating the additional mystery that the culture adds,” Watters says. “Our mission is to help people be further along in their path. Our heart is people marrying well for God’s glory.”

For more information, go to: Marry Well: A Better Path to Marriage

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