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Jane Hamon: The Making of a Prophet

By Debbie White
The 700 Club

CBN.comJane Ann Makosky was destined for greatness. But there was lots of mischief before she got there.

“My mother told me that I was never going to get a boyfriend if didn’t stop beating up the boys and beating them in arm wrestling,” Jane Ann Makosky tells The 700 Club. “I was probably always in trouble.”

Jane was bright, inquisitive and impetuous with a penchant for Elvis and The Flying Nun.

“She would always get herself into some kind of tremendous mess,” Jane recalls. “At some point in the show, she would fold her hands, look up to heaven and she would pray to God. As a child, I didn’t really know the Lord personally, [so] this resonated inside of me. In some sense, Sally Fields in The Flying Nun was my spiritual mentor.”

Yes, the mischievous little tomboy had a very serious side, and she was searching for God.

“I wanted to know this God. So I started crying out to the Lord and started praying,” she says. “When I was about eight years old, I spent the night at a friend's house. This woman taught me to pray the Lord’s prayer.”

While other girls her age were reading Nancy Drew mysteries, Jane was devouring her family’s big black Bible.

“I read the book of Genesis, and that was pretty exciting. The stories were very alive and vibrant. Then, I read the book of Exodus, and that was really cool. I read the book of Leviticus, and I thought I must have missed something (laughs)."

She continues, " At this point, I didn’t know Jesus. I knew He was the guy at Christmas and the guy at Easter, but I really didn’t know Him in a personal way. I had no concept of salvation."

But Jane says she began to have a concept of her own sin and was ready to make a deal with God.

"I told Him, 'Lord, I’m going to stop cussing . I’m going to stop beating up my brothers, and I am going to stop shoplifting.' Those were my big sins at age 12 years old."

But the little girl with the big heart after God would soon know his saving grace.

"I went to an open air crusade with James Robinson," she recalls. "He was preaching a very powerful salvation message and talking about how we receive Jesus as a gift. We don’t have to clean ourselves up. We don’t have to get good enough. We don’t have to earn salvation. It was May 28, 1976. I gave my life to the Lord. I felt like the burdens on my shoulders had rolled away. I felt like I had purpose."

Later, at the age of 16, Jane says that God revealed specific direction for her future.

"I heard the Lord speak to me, and He said that the career plan that I was mapping out was not His plan for my life. He had called me into ministry, and He was calling me into a team ministry where He was going to join me with a man."

One year later, right on cue, enter Tom Hamon.

"It’s been such an adventure," Jane confesses. "We started pastoring our first church three months after we were married. He was the mature age of 21, and I was 19. God have mercy on those pour souls that we practiced on all those years!"

Twenty-five years later, Tom and Jane Hamon are still happily married and the proud parents of three children

Tom says, "She is a wonderful mother, and she is an awesome wife. She really knows how to make people feel special."

Tom and Jane co-pastor Christian International Church in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida. Tom is the son of well known prophet and author Dr. Bill Hamon.

Bishop Hamon recognized and encouraged Jane’s spiritual gifts. He says, "She is a true prophetess of God, a true prophet of God, with that anointing and call. She has given herself to it unreservedly."

So how does God grow a prophet?

"Jesus said, 'My sheep hear my voice.' So it started being presented to me that it should be a very normal part of the Christian walk to hear the voice of God."

But young prophets have to start somewhere

"I remember the first public prophecy I gave sounded something like: 'The Lord would say to thee my daughter... Surely the Lord would say... Yes,certainly the Lord is speaking to you in Jesus name. Amen (laughter).'"

Before Jane could proceed in ministry, she had to overcome some fears related to a childhood trauma

"When I was about five or six, I was sexually abused by a neighbor," Jane shares. "It was something that was hidden, and it was secret. That creates a lot of fear."

She continues, "It wasn’t until after I was born again that the Lord revealed it to me what happened. Then I was able to go through a healing process with the power of the Holy Spirit setting me free from all that."

There have been a lot of prophecies since then. As a prolific author and speaker, Jane delivers prophetic revelation around the world.

"I believe when people hear the voice of the Lord, the voice of the Lord brings life," Jane says. "The word of the Lord brings life. God is not just some distant God up there. He is a personal God that knows what you think, knows what you are feeling, knows your struggles, knows your pain, knows your grief. When the word of the Lord comes into those situations, it can turn everything around."

Watch Jane Hamon's testimony online.

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