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Get MotivatedAuthor, Get Motivated! (Doubleday 2009)


Co-founder and Executive Vice President of Get Motivated Seminars, Inc., a business training company that produces America’s largest business seminars

Recognized as one of the world’s most successful speakers and consultants, having trained more than two million people in 70 countries

Featured on 20/20, 60 Minutes, and CNN

Education: B.A. in Theology from Faith College of Theology in New Orleans and a M.Min. from Southwestern Christian University in Oklahoma

Married to Peter; 2 sons


Tamara Lowe: Motivational DNA

By Heather Salon
The 700 Club


Tamara Lowe grew up on the streets of New Orleans. At age 10, she was taking drugs.  She became a drug dealer at 12 and dropped out of school in the eighth grade. For the next decade, she went from one drug-induced high to the next. Then, Tamara had a life-changing transition - she got motivated. 

She got off of drugs, earned her high school equivalency diploma, and went to college.  She decided to spend her life helping the people she felt she knew the best – drug addicts, alcoholics, the poor, the homeless, and the abused. To her surprise, she ended up working with five U.S. presidents (Ronald Reagan, Gerald Ford, Jimmy Carter, George HW Bush, and Bill Clinton), numerous world leaders (British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, Canadian Prime Minister Joe Clark, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, and Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev), politicians, heads of state, business leaders, professional athletes, Hollywood celebrities and other influential people (including Billy Graham, Colin Powell, Joe Montana, George Foreman, Goldie Hawn, Charlton Heston, Bill Cosby, Christopher Reeve, Rudy Giuliani, Mary Lou Retton, and Mother Teresa). 

Through the Get Motivated Seminars, more than two million people have been taught to advance in their careers, have more fulfilling relationships, achieve their goals and make more money. Holding these seminars isn’t just a business to Tamara, it’s her calling.

During each seminar there is a straightforward, unapologetic, non-religious presentation for the gospel to the more than 200,000 annual attendees. Every year, Tamara hosts about 30 of these seminars in America’s biggest arenas, with tens of thousands of people at each meeting. 

The Washington Post has called her seminars “the Superbowl of Success.” Time Magazine has called Tamara and her group “the motivational Dream Team.” The New York Times says they “rouse sales reps, entrepreneurs and executives to higher levels of performance.” The Wall Street Journal calls the meetings “a barnstorming feel-good tour de force.”


When Tamara looks back at the spiritual dimension of her success, she remembers that she was put off by religion. Her mother was Jewish and her father was Catholic, and neither one of them regularly attended weekly worship services. Tamara was not interested in God, the Bible, or organized religion as a child or a teenager.

At 17, someone gave her a Bible as a Christmas present. She thought it was not a very good gift, considering she was a drug addict. Knowing that the gift giver would ask if she had read the Bible, and not wanting to lie, Tamara figured she would read a few sentences from the New Testament so she would be telling the truth. She assumed the Bible was an old-fashioned book that was hard to understand and irrelevant. However, she found when she started reading it, she couldn’t put it down.

Tamara read the parts about Jesus and found herself addicted to the Bible. She finished reading the New Testament in about three weeks. Through reading the Bible, she found her life radically changed and she had a new motivation in life. It was not religion that changed her life, but a personal encounter with Jesus. Her faith is a great motivator for everything she does. In her 28 years of being a Christian, she has read the Bible from cover to cover many times over and still gets excited. Applying its words and wisdom is the secret to her success.

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