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Lisa Whelchel

Started acting at 13 as a Mousekeeter, The Mickey Mouse Club

Former actress, NBC’s The Facts of Life, 1979 – 1988

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Lisa was eight when her mother encouraged her to go into acting, and landed her first professional role as a Mousekeeter on The Mickey Mouse Club. At 16, Lisa became known as “Blair” on the popular NBC sitcom, The Facts of Life. She graduated from high school at 16. Now a mother of three, Lisa says that her current job as professional mom is the most rewarding role of all.

She admits that leaving show business was rough and that she tried to get more jobs, but no one would hire her. An unfortunate combination of circumstances including the banking crisis, a change in real estate tax laws among other things, devoured Lisa’s money from television.

“All those things lined up like the perfect storm to wipe away all of my money,” says Lisa.

She and her husband, Steve, were forced to live with one income. Their three children were born in short succession, so Lisa quickly discovered the trials of being a stay-at-home mom. She found that moms have a tendency to give and give and that if moms never learn to receive, then there is nothing left to give.

“If you won’t take time for yourself,” says Lisa, “then take time for yourself for your family.”

As moms and Christians, Lisa says many of us feel guilty about thinking of ourselves. “Our instinct is to give without expectation of receiving,” says Lisa. She says when we recharge and refuel, we can give to our families out of the overflow.

There are three areas that moms need to give attention to:

1. Spirit. It is critical to live and breathe Jesus because what we inhale is what we exhale. Be intentionally aware what goes in our eyes, ears and heart. Pray during everyday tasks, like folding laundry. For example, while folding children’s clothing, pray for physical protection and modesty. For husbands, pray for integrity and unity in marriage. While cleaning the house, pray in specific rooms, like harmony in the family room, peaceful sleep in the bedrooms. Fill the day with praise – post scriptures on the fridge, play music throughout the house. Create a “mini-Sabbath” during hectic times. Pop in a worship CD in the car and drive around for 15 minutes or find a cozy place to sit and listen to a worship CD.

2. Body. Our body is a temple of the Holy Spirit. It is an act of worship to take care of ourselves. Get proper rest. Give yourself permission to let things go undone. Take vitamins and drink water. Avoid the temptation to stay in pajamas all day. Give yourself a spa pedicure. Eat healthy foods regularly -- fad diets don’t work. Exercise regularly and be creative about it: organize a stroller brigade, mow the lawn, etc.

3. Soul (the will and emotions). Learn how our minds control our thought patterns and combat the negative thoughts with scripture. Find a hobby or craft and let kids do a craft with you. Try cooking, scrapbooking, or cake decorating. Hobbies feed the soul. Try starting a weekly “good medicine club” with other moms. Include fun games and great food (food that the kids would complain about). Learn to have fun. Laugh. Lisa says this was the beginning of MomTime nearly 12 years ago. Each mom took turns cooking something special and playing games every week. “There were days we couldn’t see the dots on the dice because of the tears of laughter streaming down our faces,” says Lisa.

Lisa says many moms want to implement new things but that life “starts too early in the morning.” She also says most women don’t want to take a journey by themselves. Since it takes three weeks to establish a habit, Lisa helps moms along the way. There is an icon on her website,, called “Personal Mom Coach.” Moms can register to receive an email of encouragement from Lisa every morning for 21 days.

Lisa has been a Christian since she was 10 years old. Despite her career in Hollywood, Lisa’s priority has always been her relationship with Jesus.

Taking Care of the Me in MommyTaking Care of the Me in Mommy (Integrity 2006)





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