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Founder of Winds of Healing Ministries

Former Staff Evangelist of Fresh Fire Ministries (FFM)

Trained for two years under evangelist Peter Youngren (Founder of World Impact Ministries and several Canadian churches)

Served as a missionary in Indonesia for seven months

Served as youth pastor in Alberta, Canada for one year

Attended World Impact Bible Institute for two years


John LaFramboise: Lift God Up, Not Man

By Heather Salon
The 700 Club


John Laframboise has been keeping busy with his ministry, Winds of Healing. Earlier this year, he traveled with Fresh Fire Ministry (FFM) as Staff Evangelist, as well as engagements through his own ministry, until resigning from FFM in September. He took a break in October and has since traveled to events in the U.S. and Canada, such as Pennsylvania, Michigan, Nebraska, and Toronto (to the Toronto Airport Christian Fellowship). He has been to many revival meetings and has seen the power of God demonstrated through signs and miracles, just as the Bible says that God will pour out His Spirit upon all flesh found in Joel 2:28 and Acts 2:17.


The true revival hasn’t stopped. There is true revival wherever God is getting the Glory. John still receives e-mails from people have been blessed during this year’s Holy Spirit impartation events. John says people should not let the negativity regarding revivals this year discourage them from seeking God. They should press on and keep praying for revival to continue. It is important to learn from the mistakes made from this generation and past generations. Also, it is important to learn to lift God up and not man. The individual needs to pray without ceasing and continually connect with God. It is important to be obedient and to have intimacy with God. God is moving and working. Though it is good to go to events where God is moving, it is important to pursue God and look for His working in daily life.

Also, when you return from an event, it is important to keep the momentum going – the move of God should be maintained on a daily basis. It is important to take your problems to God and remember His promises. When you pray, you should ask God what He wants and to pray His will, not what you think His will is. At this time when the economy and many things seem to be uncertain it is important to keep your focus on God, like it says in Matthew 6:33 “But seek ye first the Kingdom of God, and His righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you,” and 1 Peter 5:7 “Casting all your care upon Him; for He careth for you.” Let God figure out everything for us.


As a staff evangelist for Fresh Fire Ministries, John knew something was different about the gathering in Lakeland, Fla. Originally, senior minister Todd Bentley was scheduled to be at Steve Strader’s 700-seat Ignited Church in Lakeland on April 2, 2008 for four days and then go to Miami for a few days. However, by April 11th, he was still in Lakeland with an outpouring of the Holy Spirit. Todd asked John to join him in Lakeland about two weeks later to help with the revival. John assisted with the revival on and off for two months, then left the revival to continue on with other scheduled events.

The Florida revival continued. By mid-July, Todd took a much-needed break for a week. There was controversy that the Bentleys’ marriage was in trouble and was the cause for Todd leaving the revival. After a month of speculation, Todd left the Lakeland meetings without warning on August 11. On Sunday, October 12, the Lakeland Outpouring officially concluded.

Though there was much debate and speculation about what really happened to cause the leader of the historic revival to leave, Fresh Fire Ministries released a statement on their website formally apologizing and shedding the light on the outcome of Todd Bentley and the Lakeland Revival.


John says in hindsight that God told him to leave the Lakeland Revival and Fresh Fire Ministries in June, before the controversy with Todd Bentley started to happen. John recalls that the atmosphere at the meetings began to change the longer he was there. The earlier days of the meetings felt genuine; there was a true move of God. The longer John stayed and the revival went on, the meetings were still genuine, but it just felt like a bunch of “good meetings.” That’s when he felt the shift began, and others seemed to notice that too.

After John left the revival and he heard about what happened to Todd, who he once worked closely with and considered his mentor, he said initially he was shocked. He did have to go through a process of forgiveness, but he has no bitterness and no lasting effects or bad feelings. He does not disrespect the move of God in Lakeland and still believes it was a genuine revival from God. He still gets e-mails from people saying that they are blessed and God really touched them there, as well as reports of other revival movements springing forth from the impartations. He also has a genuine respect for well-known Christian leaders that have spoken out about Lakeland in not so favorable ways.

Some critics have judged harshly and the revival did end in a bad way, but it is not about a person, it is about God - the Church and saints that advanced the Kingdom of God in the past all went through things like this. Though John no longer works with Fresh Fire Ministries, he has a good relationship with them. He also still considers Todd a friend though he is not in close contact with him and was not one of the group that tried to bring Todd to accountability.


The Filipino Christian Church (FCC) of Norfolk, Va. will hold an event called the “FCC Miracle Christmas Celebration." It will be held at The Sandler Center for the Performing Arts in Virginia Beach, Va., on Sunday morning, December 21 at 10:30 am. The week leading up to the event is designated as "A Week of Sanctification." In addition to the Sunday service, the senior pastor of FCC, Pastor Abraham Biangco, will have John meet with the leaders and staff of FCC for two sessions on Saturday at 9:00 a.m. and at 7:00 p.m. The church has been preparing for this special weekend event since December 1 with 21 days of Fasting and Prayer, which will end on the day of the Miracle Christmas Celebration, Sunday, December 21. Throughout this time they will have three Friday night services of all-night prayer & intercession, are holding early morning and evening prayer times at 5:30-7:00 a.m. and 6:00-7:30 p.m., and have mailed 7000 cards, etc. to help publicize this event. They have also planned a thorough follow up program for new converts and healings. For more information on the Filipino Christian Church please check their website:


John grew up in the Catholic Church. He was searching for God but didn’t seem to find Him. By the time he was 11-years-old, John was into drugs, Goth, Marilyn Manson, and was suicidal. When he was 16, a street preacher asked him if he had broken any of the Ten Commandments. John said he hadn’t murdered anyone yet - the only commandment he knew. The street preacher told John that if John didn’t obey all Ten Commandments, he would go to hell. That convicted John, but he still didn’t know of God’s love for him. One day, when John was high, he told his friends he would become a Christian. Immediately, he felt a hand pull and grab something out of him. It was then that he prayed and gave his life to Jesus. The Holy Spirit came down on him. He was familiar with the supernatural because he had encountered the demonic, but this was different. Though he didn’t know what preaching the gospel was, he immediately started telling people on the street what God had done for him. He was on fire for the Lord. After graduating from high school he went to Bible school for two years, and then spent seven months in Indonesia around the time of the tsunami. From there he was a youth pastor for a year before he went to Fresh Fire Ministries.

Now, John is a revivalist who operates powerfully in the prophetic and in healing. Signs and wonders follow him wherever he goes, and many churches where John has ministered have received a strong impartation, which brings them into a new level and operation. He has a strong desire to see the lost come to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ through the demonstration of God’s power and to equip and prepare the church for the end time harvest (1 Cor. 2:4, 5). John believes that through intimacy with Holy Spirit, and by walking in obedience, we will see God’s plans revealed on earth.

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