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Jim Karas: Seven Days to a New You

By Mimi Elliott
The 700 Club


Many Americans know that genetics and biology play a role in weight and metabolism.  Body weight, calories-in and calories-out work closely together. Jim says there are a lot of things that we can control to affect these three variables. 

“The 7-Day Surge doesn’t just rev up your energy; it also keeps you on an even keel so that you don’t crash,” Jim said.

Jim suggests starting the 7-Day Surge plan on a Monday. 

“I found for most people that Monday represents a fresh start and a clean slate,” he said.  It gives you the weekend to shop, plan, prepare and schedule for upcoming changes.  By building a foundation during the week, you will be better prepared for challenges you face on the weekend.

What you will need for the 7-Day Energy Surge:

Braided “Xertube” with door attachment
Mattress less than 10 years old
Pillow less than 1 year old
Sleep mask
Snore strips (if your mate snores)
Night light (turning on full lights if you have to get up at night wakes you up)
Pet bed (if you own a pet)
iPod (for white noise or other music player to drown out noise).

Just the thought of a scale sends people running, but Jim says it should actually be a friend. The more often you weigh yourself, the less you weigh. Get out your jeans (they don’t lie). If they are loose, then both the scales and inches are probably down. The moment weight goes down, you will immediately feel energy bubble up. 

Also, buy and use the smallest plates and glasses. Research shows that the smaller the plate, the less you will eat. Keep a food diary. Jim says it is important to see every bite written down.

Get a weight loss buddy. Studies show that 66 percent of people with a partner kept their weight off versus 24 percent who went at it alone. Schedule a physical. When embarking on any new program, it is important to get a doctor’s clearance if you have had past medical issues.


When it comes to losing weight, Jim says there are positive behaviors we can adapt that help us perform more:

Jim says there are behaviors to avoid when losing weight and gaining energy:

Are you seeking answers in life? Are you hurting?
Are you facing a difficult situation?

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