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Steve Perrine: Healthy Diets that Work


In 1991, Steve started working at Men’s Health when the magazine was just getting off the ground.  Like many people, Steve was skeptical about the idea of a “men’s health magazine.” 

At the time, everyone was eating a low-fat diet (which didn’t mean more vegetables…it meant more pasta and bread -- with no butter).  “If I was hungry, I just ate a bagel or two for a mid-afternoon snack,” says Steve. 

By the time he was 27, Steve was sporting a 36-inch waist, 5 inches more than when he was in college.  He says nutrition has come a long way since then.  “We realized it’s all about making sure you have right nutrients,” says Steve. 

So as a new employee working at health and fitness magazine, Steve started eating like The Men’s Health professionals suggested based on their research.  Since 1987, Men’s Health has collected and refined the most authoritative research ever conducted on enhancing the body into its fittest form.  All of their advice is backed by the latest research, top experts and independent testing.

“I started eating lots of lean protein and more fiber or both at every snack and meal,” says Steve.  Now, at 46, Steve wears size 31 jeans and lost 35 pounds.  While he was packing up his oldest daughter for her freshman year of college, Steve came across a photo of her taken on her first day of kindergarten.  He didn’t even recognize himself in the photo.  “Men’s Health changed my life,”  he says.  That’s why Steve was inspired to create The Men’s Health Diet and The Women’s Health Diet.   

The basis of The Men’s and Women’s Health Diets is FAST (Fiber-rich grains. Avocados and other healthy fats.  Spinach and leafy greens. Turkey and lean meats) and LEAN (Legumes, Eggs and dairy, Apples and other fruits, and Nuts and seeds).   The decisions we make today will affect us in the future:

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