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Anthony Robles



Latest CD, All Together Now (2012) 

Worship Leader

We are the Generation UK Tour September 14-November 9, 2008

Lakeland, FL Revival April 2 – August 2008

Has ministered with worship
leaders such as Nick Coetzee and Lindell Cooley

Roy and Melanie:

Founders of Run with Fire Ministries; two children


Ministry Couple Long for Revival

Roy and Melanie Fields want “to make Jesus famous” and see people fall in love with Him all over again or for the first time.  Though Roy has been worshipping God for most of his life, he knows that true worship is not about him…it’s all about Jesus.  He does not want to be just a worship leader.  His prayer to God has been, “Wherever you put me, let there be revival…and I won’t leave until you tell me too.”  Melanie's passion is also the pursuit of revival.  Roy says Melanie studies about revival harder than anyone he knows.

Everywhere Roy and Melanie have travelled there has been revival.  They define revival as: 1. Falling in love with Jesus all over again.  2.  Having the Joy of your salvation restored.  Also, Roy and Melanie say everywhere they have been, people are hungry for God.

Everybody in the world is hungry.  If you want revival, you have to believe what you say.  Christians must believe and remain hungry and desperate for God.  The power is in the Word of the testimony. It’s reviving what’s already there that has been dormant.  There is a whole other level of worship.  Roy and Melanie say that revival and the Presence of God are tangible.  Hunger is the main ingredient for revival.

Roy's new album, All Together Now, happened quickly – within a year. Many doors opened up to him.  Roy had self-published his previous albums. All Together Now was the first album he has recorded on a larger scale in Nashville and he felt he grew in many areas. Roy worked with two of Michael W. Smith's songwriters. Half of the songs on All Together Now originated from worship in revival meetings. The song “Unto You” came out of a revival in Michigan in 2010.  In the middle of worship, Roy heard a melody from heaven, which was the song “Unto You.” The hope for this album to take the revival worship experience to a different audience.

For years, Roy and Melanie have been travelling cities in the U.S. and other countries and have consistently seen God work miraculously, just as in Lakeland, FL and the United Kingdom.  In Lakeland, Roy was the head worship leader and stayed for the duration of the whole revival, which lasted from early April to early August 2008. One evening, they heard the angels sing (“In the Presence of Angels”). He learned to sing the sounds of heaven and the songs that God wanted to hear.   

Because Roy and Melanie have made worship about God and not them, their ministry, Run with Fire, has gotten invitations from around the world – so much that Roy and Melanie have to pray about where God wants them to go. From Lakeland, the Fields family went to the United Kingdom and ministered from September 14 to November 9, 2008, with only a couple of breaks in between.    By the end of the “We are the Generation UK Tour,” there were 1,557 decisions made for Christ. Roy says since 2008, they have been to over 50 cities in the U.K. and have ministered to about 36,000 people in approximately 650 churches.  Earlier this year, Roy and Melanie have been back to Lakeland, the United Kingdom, Denmark, Germany, Italy, New York, Tennessee, Pennsylvania, and South Carolina.  Recently, they were at America for Jesus in Philadelphia, PA.  Some of their upcoming events will be North Carolina, Ireland, Norway, and Florida.
In June 2005, Roy & Melanie Fields stepped out by faith into full-time ministry. With their two children and just a SUV to get them around, they moved out of their house and gave everything away because they knew that God had called them to preach revival. After serving a few ministries for more than eighteen years, they knew it was time to use what they had learned all those years. When he was younger, Roy felt the Lord say to him that if he wanted a vision from the Lord, then he was to support another man’s vision with all his heart.  After that the Lord would give Roy his own vision. For Roy and Melanie, the time had come to “do The Great Commission.”  

Many times it was tough for the Fields as they stayed in hotel after hotel and sometimes slept on the floors of people’s homes. There were times when they had no money and other times they were stranded in different cities. God always provided for them. They learned to give when it hurt the most.  Some churches would not have Roy and Melanie because they were not known at that time. As a result, Roy and Melanie would take the money they had from the ministry, go to a place, rent a hall, spend 2-3 days there, and advertise in that area with flyers that read “Revival is Coming to...(the area's name)!) Some people scoffed at this.  Even Christians would say, “Do you think you are going to bring revival to this city?” However, Roy and Melanie would keep going. They knew in their hearts the Word of the Lord that was spoken to them for their lives. In the meetings Roy would lead worship for close to two hours. It was not on purpose, it just seemed that time went quickly as people were lost in worship. Roy or Melanie would preach each night and give altar calls and lay hands on the sick. Things began to grow through the first two years of their ministry. The favor of the Lord began to increase and more doors began to open. Roy and Melanie would normally go out on the streets with members of the churches they ministered in and bring in those that didn't know the Lord.  Many were saved and healed.                                                                                

After travelling down the east coast of America from Maine to Florida, Roy found himself in Lakeland, FL in the summer of 2008 ministering to a global audience of over 100 million viewers by way of the Internet and television, as well as over one hundred thousand people attending those meetings.

They all travel together since they stepped out into full-time ministry because they feel the first ministry is to the family. Roy and Melanie say they are very much a team.  They are anointed and stronger together. Their family is called to this ministry.

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