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About Rodney Howard-Browne

Founder of Revival Ministries International since 1980, a ministry that travels 46 weeks a year holding revival meetings in cities across North America and other nations around the world

Senior pastor and founder of The River at Tampa Bay church since Dec. 1996, 3,000 members

Founded the River Bible Institute in 1997

In ministry for over 31 years, started in Southern Africa before coming to America in Dec. 1987


Rodney Howard-Browne and The Great Awakening

By The 700 Club

Appearance Date: October 26, 2010 Rodney Howard-Browne and his wife Adonica met and married in 1981. Immediately they went into full-time ministry together throughout Southern Africa. God told them to, “Stir up the churches and tell them to get ready for the coming revival.”

In 1987, the door opened for them to go to America. Miraculously, plane tickets were provided for them and their three young children. The family only had $300 and their suitcases. From 1987 to the present, they traveled across the United States and the world spreading revival. Hundreds of people were dramatically touched and changed by the power of the Holy Spirit.

Howard-Browne continued this work across America. He felt that God was calling him to teach the body of Christ by example and how to create an atmosphere in the Church so that God would be made welcome. On December 1, 1996, he founded a church in Tampa, FL, The River at Tampa Bay, which today has 3,000 members. In 1997, he started an accredited Bible school, the River Bible Institute. The next year, God gave Howard-Browne a new vision.

In 1998, God gave Howard-Browne a dream about a vast soul-winning crusade in New York City. In the summer of 1999 Revival Ministries International rented Madison Square Gardens for six weeks for the purpose of soul-winning. From that event there were more than 48,000 recorded decisions of people who made Jesus the Lord of their lives. Since that time, there were several other Gospel events where hundreds of thousands of people were saved. In 2007, the concerted effort of the Great Awakening Tour across America and other nations began and has resulted in 1.1 million individuals receiving Jesus Christ in the U.S. Revival Ministries International has trained over 31,000 believers on how to share the Gospel effectively. The global soul count is more than four million.

According to Howard-Browne, this is the future. America needs a third Great Awakening to revive it – this is the nation’s only hope and it needs to be shaken right now. Christians need to be ignited by the Holy Spirit, abide with their First Love (God), go outside of the four walls of the Church, and share the reality of the power of Jesus Christ. Unfortunately, the New Age and other doctrines have crept into the Church. Christians need to stay with the simple truth of the Gospel. If it is not in the Bible, don’t look at it. Howard-Browne also says Christians need to detach themselves from the earth’s system. The Kingdom of Heaven advances regardless of who is in government, no matter what the state of the economy is, etc. Christians need to operate on the pure Word of God.

In the Great Awakening Tour, the morning meetings usually consist of evangelizing on the streets and the evening meetings are Holy Spirit empowering sessions. Howard-Browne says the purpose of the power is to be
a witness, as illustrated in John 7:37. People need to be empowered by the Holy Spirit and use it. Howard-Browne says in South Africa and Third World countries people can accept the power of the Holy Spirit because they are more used to seeing the supernatural firsthand.

The message of the Gospel and the Great Commission should be simple. The angels brought good tidings of the Savior and Good News. We need to live this message daily and not just at Christmastime. If a child can’t grasp the Gospel message, then we as Christians have made it too complicated. We shouldn’t wait to “feel led” to share Jesus with others. Howard-Browne says that’s why sharing the Gospel is called “The Great Commission,” not “the great suggestion.”

There are many good things that have come out of the revival. Since 2001, the crime rate has gone down by more than 50 percent in Tampa. Howard-Browne says it’s because of the Holy Spirit and what God is doing through The River at Tampa Bay. They have been sharing the Gospel and reaching out to their community.

Last year, for 50 days the ministry focused on South Africa. They broadcast by satellite from Capetown, South Africa to Cairo, Egypt. People responded from all over Africa. There were testimonies of people being touched by God. Dr. Howard-Browne says this can also happen in America.

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