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At a 1998 crusade in the Philippines, police estimated a crowd of over 4 million at one service

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Peter Gammons: Praying for Philippine Political Leaders


Some have called the Philippines the most corrupt country on earth. During the course of the last seven presidents' terms of office, many corrupt dealings have been sanctioned as normal everyday business.

Monday, May 10, a presidential election will take place in the Philippines. There are a number of candidates in the running, including a strong Christian, Eddie Villanuevo. According to Peter Gammons, Villanuevo really doesn't have a chance at this point because he has not been able to secure the backing and support of the mainline Christian, mostly Catholic churches there. (Villanuevo is fifth in the polls as of May 5, 2004.) The two frontrunners are current president, Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, and Fernando Poe Jr.. Arroyo's supporters are actually speaking as though the election is over, since polls show that Arroyo will win by more than three million votes. Polls show Arroyo would take 37 percent of the vote and Poe would take 31 percent.

Even though there was hope that Eddie Villanuevo might be president, the business community is hopeful for Arroyo. Peter was able to pray the sinner's prayer with her, and he knows she has taken some steps to turn the Philippines from some of the corruption of the past. But he is cautious that it will take an even more bold and strong stand by Arroyo to really bring change.

Another reason Peter has hope is that Lauren Legarde, former CNN news anchor and current majority leader of the senate in the Philippines, is running for vice president. Peter believes the Lord said Lauren will one day be president herself, and he knows Lauren is a strong Christian.

Peter says countries get the leaders they deserve. He hopes and prays that the leaders in the Philippines will repent of their part in any corrupt activities and Christians will be strong in seeking the Lord for His favor in this election and the next.


Peter says Joseph Estrada, the now deposed president before Arroyo, was able to get into office because in an undeveloped nation, people often vote for odd reasons. Many told him they voted for Estrada because they had seen him on TV. Estrada, like the current candidate, Fernando Poe Jr., was an actor. Poe has no real qualifications to govern but will garner a significant vote because he also has the public eye. Poe is known as "FPJ". Some fear that FPJ may mean "for President Joe," and that if elected, Fernando would acquit and exonerate the former corrupt president Estrada. Peter says it would be a real tragedy for Fernando to be elected. That outcome could return the Philippines to the status of one of the world's most corrupt countries.


Peter prophesied over Arroyo that she would one day be president. In six years time, she went from college professor to senator to vice president to president. He has also prophesied over Lauren Legarde. In a dinner meeting with Lauren and her husband, Peter encouraged her to become politically active because the Lord had plans for her. She laughed and turned to her husband. When she asked what he thought, her husband said, " Listen to him, he's right." So Peter has hope beyond this election that God is restoring righteousness in the land.


Peter feels confident that by the time he appears on the show, the election outcome will not be finalized. He will discuss what he believes the outcome will be but says in these situations, it takes a significant amount of time to have an official result.


Peter stated clearly that a country gets the leaders it deserves by its behavior and overall attitude toward God. His hope is that the Philippine people would cry out for change and that God would answer them with a godly leader under whom they could flourish as a people. A change toward God would result in encouragement and hope for other nations around the world to fan the flames of righteousness in their midst as well.


Peter simply states that God has given him tremendous favor with political leaders around the world. He says that doors have been opened to him and attention given to what he has to say simply because God has ordained it. Peter has been acquainted with and has spoken into the lives of the last five presidents in the Philippines. He has a firm grasp on the politics of this little country and what is happening there today.


As of May 10, the election is over. Unofficially, Arroyo has won by seven percent. It will be a month before the results will be made final.

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