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Luke Bucci

Vice President of Research for Schiff Nutrition

Recognized author and lecturer

Serves on the Scientific Advisory Board & is a Board of Trustees member of the Clinical Nutrition Certification Board

Former member of the Expert Advisory Panel on Nutritional Supplements for the United States Olympic Committee

Adjunct Assistant Professor at the University of Utah, Salt Lake City

Advisory Board Member for the Journal of Applied Nutrition

Certified Clinical Nutritionist

Certified Nutrition Specialist & Certified Chemist in Medical Technology

PhD, University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston

Married to wife, Naniece


Dr. Luke Bucci on Easing Joint Pain

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You might be among the millions suffering from arthritis, a serious and potentially crippling disease. This disease erodes or damages your joints, as well as the muscle and connective tissue surrounding them.

There are six telltale signs:

(1) Pain usually around the joints, the pain is aching and dull;

(2) Stiffness;

(3) Crepitus causes your joints to creak like a hinge in need of oil;

(4) Joint Immobility makes it harder to bend your knees, rotate your shoulder, or move your hips;

(5) Joint Changes such as inflammation of the joint cavity which can cause enlargement of a joint;

(6) Muscle Shrinkage occurs when muscles aren't used, they waste away. The causes for arthritis are many. It can be caused by injuries, a weakened immune system, wear and tear on the joints, infections, or genetic factors. For example, hard physical labor puts stress on joints, leading to wear and tear.

Dr. Bucci says the good news is that some arthritis can be reversed with the right diet, exercise and the right dietary supplements. To find out what they are, go to his special factsheet on


Joints don't work well when they're overused or underused. Either scenario can take its toll on joint health - to the point of accelerating cartilage breakdown. Fortunately, this process is both preventable and reversible. Arthritis sneaks up on the body slowly and gradually takes over. At first, it's barely noticeable. Then the pain can become unbearable. Ignoring the symptoms and failing to reverse it early on only makes matters worse.

In healthy joints, cartilage is manufactured and maintained without incident. For people suffering from arthritis, cartilage starts to soften, then becomes pitted and frayed. Finally, it wears away altogether. Chondroprotective nutrients can have helpful effects on joint health, and people's well being. The two that Dr. Bucci recommends are Glucosamine and Chondroitin Sulfate. These supplements stop the breakdown of cartilage and stimulate its repair.

Proteases, enzymes that chew up protein, are found in all living things. In supplemental form, they could be your best source for relief from joint problems and sports injuries. Two of the most common proteases come from fruits: bromelain (pineapples) and papain (papayas). Proteases are beneficial for bruises, sprains, strains, fractures, low-back pain, post-surgical healing, digestive problems, and thrombosis.


If you have arthritis, you must exercise your joints to ensure joint mobility and flexibility. Research indicates that exercise does not cause arthritis and it just might help protect against it. Dr. Bucci says to remember that when you are starting an exercise program be sure to consult a trainer that can help you find an exercise program that is appropriate for your fitness level. It is also important to have a trainer show you the correct way to perform certain exercises as well as demonstrate proper use of the equipment (injuries often occur due to improper use of equipment). Dr. Bucci says, "If while working out or playing sports you experience joint pain of any kind, stop." Consult your physician and find an alternative exercise program like swimming or resistance training that does not cause joint pain.

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