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Known as America’s leading wellness expert for busy people;

Author of two New York Times bestsellers, 8 Minutes in the Morning and The 3-Hour Diet;

Latest book:

12-Second Sequence, (Crown Publishers 2007)

The 12 Second Sequence Challenge

Jorge Cruise: Lose Weight and Gain Muscle

CBN.comTHE 12-SECOND SEQUENCE            

Jorge says the "12-Second Sequence" is a new way to exercise which he developed over the last two years that will give you maximum results in the least amount of time. Adding lean muscle tissue to your body is critical to weight loss because it is what drives your metabolism. 

“The problem with a lot of other strength-training programs is that they never allow your muscles to achieve maximum fatigue,” says Jorge. 

Often they focus on the quantity of the workout, not the quality. 

“The 12-Second Sequence focuses 100 percent on the quality of the exercises,” he says. 

By slowing down each exercise to a 10-second motion and a two-second motionless hold, complete muscle fatigue is achieved.  orge’s program is an eight week program with 20 minute workouts twice a week.            

Jorge says if there were a magic wand to help burn fat and shrink your waist while at rest, it would be lean muscle tissue. Lean muscle is metabolically active which means it requires energy to function. In other words, it consumes calories. Fat mass, on the other hand, uses very little energy. In fact, fat is called “relatively lazy tissue.” 

Muscle sucks up oxygen and other nutrients to feed itself and function optimally. Because it consumes so many calories, muscle is the number one determinant of your resting metabolic rate. The more lean muscle tissue you have, the higher your metabolism and the more calories you burn while doing nothing at all. One study conducted by the National Institutes of Health found that muscle mass is a major contributor to total energy expenditure (calories burned) and that muscle accounts for 40 to 50 percent of body weight.  Therefore, it is the most important tissue mass on the body.

HOW IT WORKS           

The secret to what makes the 12-Second Sequence so efficient and how it produces such dramatic visible results is Jorge’s trademarked technique, Controlled Tension. With Controlled Tension, you fully engage the three muscle fiber types. It combines Slow Cadence Lifting (slowed movements) and Static Contraction (motionless hold). To maximize the workout further, Jorge added circuit training where a person moves from exercise to exercise without resting between sets. It adds a vital cardiovascular dimension to the routine that gets the heart rate up and helps burn more calories.            

Jorge says that eating is just as critical as exercise. His eating plan is based on his 3-Hour Diet method of eating every three hours. However, Jorge added additional protein for building new muscle tissue. Breakfast should be eaten within one hour of rising and three hours later is the first snack. Three hours later, lunch and three hours after that, the afternoon snack. Three hours later is dinner followed by the last snack three hours later. Each meal ranges from 400 to 600 calories and each snack is approximately 100 calories. Eating every three hours reduces the cortisol hormone levels which contribute to belly bulge; keeps your metabolism elevated, and helps control the appetite to avoid overeating.            

On The 700 Club today, Jorge will demonstrate a 90 second routine which will take the muscles to fatigue. 

“What I can do in 90 seconds is about nine minutes of time at the gym or at home,” says Jorge. “In 20 minutes, you get a two hour workout.”

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