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Meet the Trainer: Jim White

Courtesy of Jim White Fitness

CBN.comGrowing up, I was not the biggest or strongest kid on the block. At 5'11", 135 pounds, I was often termed as being too skinny by many of my classmates. In my junior year of high school, my brother introduced me to weight lifting. My dedication and persistence in the weight room helped me go from a 135 pound "weakling" to 195 pounds of "solid muscle." I not only saw changes in my body, but I began seeing changes in other areas of my life: my energy levels skyrocketed, my confidence soared, and my motivation level remained high. I soon learned that leading a healthy lifestyle can not only improve one's body and health, but it can also have a positive influence on many areas of one's life. This realization led me to carry out my lifelong mission: "Inspire others to lead healthier and more fulfilling lives which can be achieved through the proper exercise and nutrition."

I graduated with honors (Summa Cum Laude) with a B. A. degree in Nutrition. After college, I became licensed by the American Dietetic Association as a Registered Dietitian and certified by the American College of Sports Medicine as an exercise specialist. I moved to Virginia Beach where I started my own personal training business, JDW Fitness and Nutrition L.L.C. My career escalated as I began to gain a reputation as of one of the top personal trainers in the area. My clientele includes those from all walks of life (athletes, actors, models, business owners, elders, and teens).

I gained additional exposure when I began competing in bodybuilding competitions all around Virginia and North Carolina.

I was still determined to reach more people. I began holding fitness and nutrition seminars for the public. I have presented to over hundreds of audiences which include school-age children (from pre-schools to college campuses), sports teams, nursing homes, hospitals, prisons, corporations, and various health clubs throughout the country. Today, I continue to use my talents to help people transform their bodies and change their lives.

I have also worked as a fitness model and actor and appeared in magazines, newspapers, "live" television, and various TV shows.

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