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Jerry serves as President & CEO of the Total Living Network (operating stations in several states and an affiliate group of 60 U.S. Christian stations) for more than 30 years

Shirley created and produced the Emmy Award-winning TLN program Aspiring Women, which she also cohosts

Married for over 40 years

Parents of three adult children and grandparents of 11


Jerry and Shirley Rose: Life After 50

By Christy Biswell
The 700 Club


Jerry and Shirley Rose are part of the largest demographic in U.S. history: the baby boomers. This group of babies born between 1946 and 1964 account for more than seventy-six million individuals. The impact of these individuals on society is significant.

“Today’s seniors affect all aspects of society: politics, the economy, the housing market, and most of all, the attitude toward aging," Jerry says.

Instead of viewing aging as a negative, Jerry and Shirley encourage baby boomers to approach this half of their life with a positive attitude. They suggest looking at aging as a time of transition or change. The word “transition” can include a lot of things: travel, adventure, lifelong learning, and healthy choices through diet and exercise.

“Being an aging adult does not mean the conclusion of a meaningful, productive life, but rather the beginning of a new and exciting season of life,” Jerry says.

Shirley shares how when Jerry approached his 50th birthday, he needed an attitude adjustment. He did not want any “over the hill” parties. He had just lost his mother to cancer and his dad had entered a nursing home. Shirley reminded Jerry of how God had spared his life 10 years earlier when he battled cancer. As Jerry realized that turning 50 was a “gift” that many people are not given, his attitude and perspective on aging began to change.

Fifteen years later, Jerry admits his attitude on aging has improved. Although he still doesn’t order the senior discount, he says, “I’ve learned that one of the most important components to a successful and fulfilling second half is how we approach it. The second half of your life can be seen as the beginning of the end or as a new season of life filled with opportunity.”

Paul said in 2 Timothy 4:7,”I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith” (NIV).

“I don’t want to slow down. I want to refocus. I want to develop a plan for the second half of life that will allow me to continue to have a fulfilling life for God, others, and myself,” Jerry says.


America is getting older, but seniors today are not what they used to be,” Shirley says. In fact, most older adults don’t like to even be referred to as seniors. These individuals are leading more active, healthier lifestyles than ever before.

“The kids are grown, the workload is hopefully a little lighter, and often there is more disposable income for travel and leisure,” Shirley says. The second half of life is definitely a time to focus on having fun.

What does fun have to do with living a significant life? Plenty. Jerry and Shirley say an important ingredient for physical and emotional health is living a balanced life. In fact, it is one secret to a long and happy life. Some suggestions they offer include: (1) Cultivating a healthy sense of humor by exposing yourself to good humor, acting silly occasionally, laughing out loud, and telling funny stories; (2) Try something new once a month; (3) Ask God to give you more courage to live an adventurous and significant life.

Three years ago, Jerry tried something new - a sport called Cowboy Mounted Shooting. This sport consists of riding fast, well-trained horses, shooting replicas of old-West six shooters loaded with black powder. The rider must wear 19th century costumes or “silver screen” cowboy clothes. The object is to shoot the balloons, staged in a complicated pattern, as quickly as possible, and not fall off your horse. It is the ultimate example of multi-tasking, and much harder than it looks. It is the fastest growing rodeo sport in the world. This past year Jerry qualified for the world championship, earning more points than anyone in his class. There is no age limit, but he is in the Senior Level One class.

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