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Pastors of Rock Church, Virginia Beach, VA

Founder, One Nation Under God which organized WFJ
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Leadership in Rock Ministerial Fellowship with churches in Liberia, India,
Bolivia, Ghana, inc.

Honorary D.D., Christian International University & Honorary Doctor of

Humane Letters, ORU
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John and Anne Gimenez: The 400-Year Covenant

By The 700 Club After being tossed in the stormy seas of the Atlantic Ocean for four months, three small battered ships from England -- the Godspeed, the Susan Constant and the Discovery -- dropped anchor on Sunday, April 26, 1607, under the leadership of Captain Christopher Newport.  The ships were a few hundred yards from a new world at the mouth of what local Indians called “great shellfish bay” or “Chesepoic.” For many of the men, this was an opportunity for evangelism and economics.  At the time, King James was head of the Church of England, and also King of England, Scotland and Wales.  The 1606 charter to the Virginia Company, which sent the three ships, dictated this trip as a spiritual and economic government mission. 

During the initial scouting trip ashore with 30 sailors, a few Chesapeake Indians attacked with bows and arrows, leaving two colonists wounded.  Tempers flared and Reverend Robert Hunt, the sole clergyman aboard the ships, and Capt. Newport agreed that the men were not ready to worship God to dedicate the land as planned.  Rev. Hunt called for three days of prayer and fasting to cleanse the sailors’ hearts from anger and dissension.  Three days later, on April 29, 145 weary colonists, purified by prayer, climbed the sandy dunes and heavy brush for the second landing on what is now called Cape Henry (named after the king’s son).  They planted a large wooden cross to dedicate this land to God.

Rev. Hunt offered prayers of thanksgiving for the safe voyage and prayers of blessing for the new colony that they were about to establish for God and king.  Never before in the history of the world had a nation been born like this.  The spiritual DNA for America had been planted.  

On April 29, 2007, thousands of people are expected on the shores of Virginia Beach to mark the 400th anniversary of the first landing of English settlers in America – an event at the Virginia Beach oceanfront that will be highlighted by efforts to rededicate the land to God.  It will be marked by a five-hour service from 2 p.m. to 7 p.m. with strategic times of prayer, repentance and rededication.  Speakers include Pat Robertson; Rev. Marcus Lamb, founder/president of Daystar Television, etc.  “We see this as a God given time for our nation,” says Bishop John Gimenez.  “We are encouraging Christians to plant a cross at their churches or in their front yards to do their own personal dedication of their land to God.”  (A special commemorative cross can be purchased online for a nominal cost.) 

According to John Blanchard, event organizer, the event will make both history and renew it by re-establishing the 400-year old covenant with God.  A “consecration conference” will be held in the days beforehand at Rock Church in Virginia Beach.  “People of faith from across the country see the vision of recognizing the historical significance of the event as Robert Hunt dedicated the new land to God,” says Pastor Anne.

For more information, please visit the Web site  The site includes testimonials from key leaders along with a history of the landing and some ways churches or individuals can participate.

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