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Author, The Quick and Clean Diet (2013)

News anchor for FOX 5 NY since 2006

Former anchor and correspondent, FoxNews Channel

Former field producer, CBS News

Graduate: Mount Holyoke College & New York University’s journalism program


Dari Alexander's Quick and Clean Diet

The 700 Club

After Dari graduated from college, she thought she would pursue a career in law.  She took a cooking class after work and was hooked!  One class led to her enrollment in a professional techniques program in New York.  Dari went to Paris to pursue further education in cooking (and graduated from culinary school) but realized a chef’s life was not for her.  She enrolled in the Journalism Program at New York University and started an internship at CBS News.  Dari fell in love with TV news, but vowed to get back to her cooking roots.

Dari met and married Will.  Her weight challenges didn’t start until after she had children.  She gained 57 pounds with her first child in 2005. Then with her second child in 2007, Dari tried desperately to lose the weight but failed miserably. Dari found her metabolism had changed and though she had always been a healthy eater, losing her baby weight had become a big challenge. 

One day she was watching a TV show on HBO.  The lead actress was young and healthy.  Dari found out that the actress not only worked out but also followed a strict diet of clean eating.  Clean eating is about eating whole, unprocessed foods, inclueing lean protein, complex carohydrates and good fats.  The foods are in their most natural state – the way God made them.  Since Dari already knew how to cook, she came up with recipes that were quick, clean and tasted good.  “I developed my own Quick & Clean Diet,” says Dari.  “It’s helped me meet my weight loss and maintenance needs, and the recipes are delicious!”  Dari noticed that right away she felt and slept much better.  She lost weight within the first few days and after 10 days, she lost 8 pounds!

Dari was the weeknight co-anchor of WNYW’s news team.  Previously she was a reporter and part-time anchor for the FoxNews Channel.  In January 2006, Dari was reassigned to the 6 pm news telecast for WNYW. 

Dari says we have gotten away from eating foods the way God intended.  Although the whole foods movement is catching on, Daris says that for a long time, it seemed like you could get an orange-flavored something a lot easier than getting an orange. 

Dari developed 6 Commandments of Going Quick & Clean: 
1.  Eat foods that are as close as possible to their natural state:
2.  Feed your body every 3 hours;
3.  Include lean protein, complex carbs and friendly fats;
4.  Avoid heavily processed foods;
5.  Don’t obsess about calories;
6.  Drink lots of water.
Dari will show us:

  1. Santorini Omelet, page 157
  2. Good Morning Muffins, page 164
  3. Sizzling Mini Pork Tacos with Peach Salsa, page 172


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