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Daniel Jordan

Founder, Meals in Minutes, Inc – which teaches quick & healthy meal preparation

Served in the US Marine Corps from 1993-1998

Formerly with Nextel, etc.

Bodybuilder – competed in the Corps and in 2005 won his division in the Western Regionals

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Daniel’s family owned a restaurant – Jordan’s BBQ – in his hometown of Cleveland, TN. He grew up around cooking all his life. He has been interested in health and fitness for 20 years, and it started when he was 12 years old.

In junior high, he weighed just 76 pounds. “I was a tiny, malnourished, poor little runt,” he says, though he did play football and wrestle in high school.

At age 17 and after one semester of college, Daniel joined the Marine Corps. He had no life experience and joined the Marines for his own personal growth and direction. He says he felt he needed it. He took the most technical job the Marines had to offer in Avionics. Based out of the Marine base in Yuma, AZ, his job was to repair 75 percent of the computer systems on the Harrier jets.

During his assignment in Japan, Daniel continued working out and helping others reach their fitness goals. At 19, he competed in his first bodybuilding competition and placed 4th. Two months later the Marine Corps flew him to Masawa, Japan to compete in the Mr. Northern Japan competition. Daniel says he was up against athletes who had competed for years and felt out of his league. He placed fifth.

Daniel served five years in the Marine Corps. After leaving military service in 1998, he began work in the private sector – in communications, real estate, etc. In 2004 as he faced turning 30, he decided to get in the best possible physical shape. He entered another bodybuilding contest. He competed in the All- Natural Western Regional Bodybuilding Championship in Phoenix, AZ, in March 2005, and won his division. In February 2006 he became the American Bench Press Record holder.

As a bodybuilder Daniel was on a rigid schedule and says he had to eat every three hours. He’s been cooking all his life and loved to cook for friends and family. When competing he would make traditional meals but discovered that it took too long – as much as 30-45 minutes. So much of his time was devoted to food preparation.

“I felt my life revolved around the kitchen and food,” he says. He began his quest to come up with a plan to make healthy meals quickly. After experimenting with various recipes and methods, he came up with a system that allowed him to prepare and cook delicious healthy meals in about four to six minutes. It revolutionized his life. He now wants to help others cook healthy but do not have vast amounts of time to do it.

One thing he wants people to know is living a healthy lifestyle doesn't have to be complicated or unenjoyable. It is important for people to still live their lives but just healthier.

Most of his meals are prepared with a few simple, basic ingredients that are easy to use. For example, he suggests using staples like frozen vegetables because they are ready to prepare and retain their nutritional value. Also, he says you can buy fish and chicken in bulk to save money. One can also prepare foods ahead of time to use throughout the week such as grilling six chicken breasts and putting them in the fridge.

Healthy Meals in Minutes

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