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Catherine Cassidy

Catherine Cassidy: Instant Access to America's Holiday Recipe Box Today, on The 700 Club Catherine Cassidy, the author of The Taste of Home Cookbook will demonstrate and share on the following recipes:

  1. Flank Steak with Cranberry Sauce: Flank steak is a very lean cut of meat and allows you to consume a larger portion. 9 g fat/serving; 253 calories
  2. Light & Creamy Mashed Potatoes: Uses fat-free milk and reduced fat sour cream.  “With mashed potatoes, you get the same creaminess as you do with whole milk.  You won’t miss the fat,” says Catherine. 2 g fat; 140 calories
  3. Dijon Sauce for Veggies: Uses fat-free milk and reduced fat cream cheese.  Dresses up any vegetable.  “Makes something every day become special,” says Catherine.  ¼ cup = 2 g fat; 58 calories
  4. Cranberry Apple Tart: Cuts down on the sugar by using sugar substitute and unsweetened apple juice.  Significantly lower in calories and fat than other apple tarts.  1 piece: 2 g fat; 183 calories
  5. Zucchini Bundt Cake: Uses 2 cups of zucchini which adds moisture that could be lost when reducing the fat content in a recipe; only 1/3 cup Canola oil (most cakes use 1 cup plus butter!).  1 piece: 8 g fat; 279 calories
  6. Ziti Alfredo with Vegetables: Uses fat-free milk and fat-free half and half.  Mimics a true alfredo without the fat!  1 cup: 8 g fat; 264 calories
  7. Greens with Creamy Herbed Salad Dressing:  Uses fat-free mayo and fat-free milk.  2 tbs = 1 g fat/33 calories
  8. Sage Breadsticks:  Uses regular cheese but 2 sticks is only 3 g fat/70 calories
  9. Cherry Cheesecake Pie:  Uses reduced-fat cream cheese and fat-free cottage cheese.  Non-fat dry milk gives it stability.  Uses reduced-fat cracker crumbs and reduced-sugar pie filling.  1 piece: 6 g fat/225 calories


The Taste of Home Cookbook is like instant access to America’s recipe box. Most of the recipes are home-style meals with versions of traditional holiday favories. All of the recipes are shopped for in regular grocery stores and prepped and tasted in the Taste of Home kitchens outfitted with regular appliances, not commercial equipment. The Taste of Home Cookbook CD has 473 recipes with a searchable database. There are also tips on hosting, table scapes, timelines for getting food done and photos.

Catherine has toured the country doing events on a national and local level, TV, radio and newspaper interviews. She can be found most nights cooking dinner for her family. Taste of Home magazine was founded in 1993 and is part of Reader’s Digest Association’s Food and Entertaining Affinity group (circulation totals 5.5 million). 

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