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Party Teenager turns to Christ

By Tim Branson
The 700 Club - The power of God has been so strong at the Brownsville revival in Pensacola, Florida, that people have come from every U.S. state and many nations to experience this dynamic move of God. 700 Club producer Tim Branson tells this amazing story.

Tim Branson: Millions of people have had life-hanging experiences and each one of them, in a very personal way. For Amy Elizabeth Ward it was a radical encounter with God.

Amy Ward: "I said, 'God, I can't go any farther than this. I can't live. I'm not going to get up off this ground.' And I guess it came down to that I didn't have the faith in him to pick me up off the ground then he let go of my hand and my hand began to shake just very, very fast just up in the air. And then I just lost all my strength and fell to the ground."

Tim: Amy's family recalls how different she was before this change happened in her life.

Amy's mother: "She seemed to be loveless. She seemed so distant it was very difficult to communicate with her. "

Amy's sister: "Amy was mean. She was hateful. She didn't care about anybody. All she wanted was what she wanted to make her happy at that moment."

Amy: "My mom has always been a Christian. She has always pushed God. Do things right because it's right, and don't rebel, don't drink, don't smoke, don't hang out with people who do that, don't. It was always walk the straight and narrow. And I just hated that. From the depth of my being, I hated that, I hated to do right. I loved to do wrong."

Amy Ward's MomAmy's mother: "She was so hard and so resistant. She had so much sin in her, so much iniquity in her that it took a violent encounter with God. It was like a Saul of Tarsus experience with Amy."

Steve Hill: "That encounter happened one night at the Brownsville revival where Amy had gone with her mother and sister, Alison."

Steve Hill had preached a powerful message and had invited people to come forward to the altar to receive Jesus. Amy's sister went forward first.

Amy: "Whenever she would come back and say please go with me I don't want to stand up there by myself, I felt sorry for her. So, I went up there, so I sat up there for 2 hours. I was pretty stubborn. I was going to have my way. And I waited for him. He kept passing by me. He prayed for everyone around me. He kept looking at me, would smile and kept right on going, and I was like, 'This guy's got an attitude.' Because I had an attitude, I thought everyone else had an attitude. I thought he's not going to pray for me so I was like fine, I'll just stand here. He's going to pray for me because if I'm the last person standing here and he doesn't pray for me, he's going to look bad."

Amy's sister: "And finally, it must have been around 11 p.m. I don't remember the time that Steve came back by one of those times. He had gone back and forth, and he just barely said, 'More Lord to her,' and she was thrown to the floor. And was on the floor for three to four hours and so many things happened when she was on that floor. God was physically with her. If you have ever seen God with someone, He was with her on that floor."

Tim: What happened that night was a shock to everyone that knew her.

Amy's mom: "It was great to see her on the floor with the power of God sweeping through her life."

Amy: "I was in awe. In fact I was there until 5 or 5:30 in the morning. We saw the sun come up that morning. I was just in such awe at what God was doing. It was a holy hallowed moment. They said it looked like somebody had hooked me up to an electric plug. Because they said from my head to my feet would shake and it was almost like I was off the ground I would shake so hard. But it didn't hurt and I can't ever say that I ever really understood it, but all I knew was that inside I was changed, and inside was all that was going on. God was healing me inside."

Amy's sister: "I had seen her drunk, I had seen her passed out from alcohol. I thought, she was looking for such a rush from alcohol, she was looking for such a rush from the parties from this music and this drug that she would put in her body. That would make her pass out. That would make her fall down on the floor and act like a fool and not even know who was going to bring her home and not even know how she was going to get home. I thought that just because she was shaking, if it's God, she has been looking for something like this that was the counterfeit. This is the real thing."

Tim: During the Brownsville revival service, Amy's life was changed forever by the supernatural presence and power of God.

Amy's mom: "And you just can't say that it wasn't God. I am a mother. I have three daughters. I've seen them go through hell. And I've seen God. I've seen Him move upon their bodies. I've seen Him change their hearts. I've seen Him rebirth their spirits and renew their minds. And I've just seen Him. I haven't seen His body or His face, but I've literally seen Him present with them."

Amy: "It was something more than anything that I had ever known. It was more real than my own body. It was, at that point, my life was changed, because I thought this is what I want, this feeling inside of me is what I want. It was the love of God, it wasn't some preacher starring down my throat saying quit sinning, quit drinking, sit in church and be boring. It was the love of God. It was the life of God that had entered my spirit. And I've never been the same."

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