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Louie Carillo: Late Night TV Healing

By Raquel Dunn and Randy Rudder
The 700 Club“The story begins in December of 2005. I was in Dallas, Texas with my wife Kathy at a business convention. And I went to the bathroom and after I was all done, the water in the toilet bowl was red; it wasn’t yellow. So I knew right away that there was something terribly wrong going on,” Louie Carillo said.

Back home in Jacksonville, Florida, Louie visited his doctor. 
“The results on that particular day, January 24, were ‘You have bladder cancer,’” Louie said.

The doctors prescribed radical surgery, but Louie’s wife, Kathy, decided to seek a second opinion from a higher source.

“I continued to think and to say that we would believe the report of the Lord,” Kathy said. “It would have changed his whole life to have all his organs removed.”

A week after his diagnosis, Louie was lying in his bed watching The 700 Club on television. He heard a word of knowledge from Gordon Robertson.

“He said ‘There is someone, you’re laying your hand on your lower abdomen,’” Louis said.
Gordon on The 700 Club:  You’re laying your hand on your lower abdomen. I believe it’s bladder cancer. And the Lord has just healed you. So receive that in Jesus’ name.

“When he said that, I immediately glanced down and I glanced up at the TV, because I knew that the Lord was speaking directly to me. He wanted to make sure I knew it was me he was talking about,” Louie said. “I sat up in bed immediately. And I woke my wife up. And I said, ‘Did you hear that?’ And Kathy said, “Let’s pray for that healing right now.’ And I believed that word of knowledge. I believed that was my healing.”

Louie’s doctors, however, were not quite convinced.

“I was told that unless they took out my bladder and took out a couple of other organs along with that bladder, that I had a two percent chance of survival,” Louie said.
Louis and Kathy were unwavering in their faith that he was healed.
“They basically told me that I was on my way out. So, I didn’t respond with any kind of fear,” Louie said. “And I asked my pastor later. I said, ‘How come I didn’t respond with fear? It didn’t budge me.’ And he said, ‘It’s very simple. It’s in the Bible.’ And it’s from Phillipians 4:7, which says, ‘The peace of the Lord surpasses all understanding.’”

In February, Louis had a small tumor removed from his bladder.

Since then, he has been back for several follow-up visits, but each time has been completely cancer-free. 

“You never expect Him to look your way. It’s kind of like, this happens to everybody else. Then all of a sudden, you realize He’s talking to you,” Louie said. “When you are laying there in bed and you have your hand on your lower abdomen and I looked down and there it is; it’s just too direct. It’s too obvious. It’s like the Lord, through Gordon was saying, ‘I’m looking at you, friend. And I’m going to heal you right now.’ (snaps his finger) And he took it.” 

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