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Fighting for His Life

By Renelle Richardson
The 700 Club“When I found out I was pregnant, I was so excited. So, I just said, ‘God, You did it for me.’”

Sebrina was 35 when she became pregnant for the first time. She was expecting twin girls. But at just 19 weeks she went into premature labor.

She says, “I eventually gave birth to a set of twin girls, and I named them Charity and Faith. Faith lived for four hours, and Charity lived for 40 hours.

“I don’t know if I was bitter... I know I couldn’t understand why. I thought that this was really the plan of God -- that I waited so long to get pregnant, and this is what He was giving me.”

Sebrina dealt most with the sense of emptiness and loneliness.

“I’m sure that other women can relate. If your breast is full of milk and you have no one to nurse from it... that was very hard,” she says.

Sebrina says that it was nearly three years before her and husband tried again.

“My pregnancy with my son, complications occurred immediately. Identical things that happened when I was caring Charity and Faith. The same exact thing.”

Dr. Renu Sharma, Sebrina's prenatal physician says, “She was very devastated, because she was in pre-term labor. So I went through all the health potentials for premature babies, which is tremendous.”

Jonathan had a bleeding in his brain and trouble breathing.

“They thought he might have hydrocephalus,” Sebrina says.

Dr. Sharma says, “Jonathan needed a supportive breathing machine for a long time.”

Sebrina says, “His lungs collapsed one time, so he had to have immediate surgery. So Jonathan went through a whole lot."

Sebrina knew exactly what to do. "I called The 700 Club immediately. What I actually love about The 700 Club is that you can call them any time.”

Jonathan stayed in the hospital for two months. Throughout that time The 700 Club prayer counseling center became Sebrina’s lifeline. With each prayer Jonathan’s health improved to the surprise of his doctors.

Dr. Kathryn W. Huddleston, Jonathan's attending physician, says, “During the month or so remaining of his hospital stay, he just took off on his exponential curve, improving medically, nutritionally, growing, developing. [It was] a magnificent and rewarding month to watch him just blossom.”

Jonathan SeaySebrina says, “Every prayer counselor that I have talked to all spoke life. I had The 700 Club praying for me and Jonathan.

“I used to go into my son’s room, and I would say, ‘God, You need to fill this room with life.’”

Jonathan's nurse Belinda Lott says, “I knew that there was some purpose for Jonathan’s life, and so I just prayed fervently that they would be able to leave here with a healthy baby boy.”

Most children born at 24 weeks experience life-long complications, but little Jonathan has beaten the odds and has a completely clean bill of health.

“It is absolutely priceless to see him at this point in time,” says Dr. Huddleston. “Developmentally he is just progressing in a magnificent way. To have been so premature, we think that he does look in all ways basically normal.”

Belinda says, “People don’t think that miracles happen any more, but they do in there! And I see them all the time.”

“No matter what it looks like, trust God,” says Sebrina. “You know, because He will bring it to pass."

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