The 700 Club with Pat Robertson


Michael Knight and the Goodness of God

By Cynthia Savage
The 700 Club

Original Air Date: September 1, 2010 “I was drilling a hole for this spot light," Michael Knight tells The 700 Club, "not realizing the dampness of the roof. My feet went out from under me.  Slipped off.   Hit my left leg onto this concrete patio.”

His wife Carol recalls, “I tried to get him to go to the doctor.  He wouldn’t do that.  He said, ‘No, I’ll be fine.’”

"I kinda walked out of it," Michael says. "I guess I wanted to be macho. I just took a little Motrin, and I got the swelling down for my knee.  It developed into a pain right in the center of my knee when I was sitting or laying down.“

“He more or less grew up in the attitude [of] 'just suck it up and it will go away'.  But this one didn’t go away.  It stayed with him,” Carol says.

Michael says, "It was progressively getting worse in the last year. On December 30th, making a new year’s resolution, I said, 'I think it’s time to go to the doctor and get an x-ray. I’ll probably have to have surgery.' 

“I turned The 700 Club on. Immediately he said, ‘There’s a man sitting on a couch that has pain in his left knee.'”

Gordon Robertson continued, “You have pain in it.  You have swelling in it.  God is healing you right now.”

"Immediately my knee stopped hurting.  I got up and started walking around, and I realized it doesn’t hurt when I’m walking.  So I laid back down and no pain.  I haven’t had a pain, really, in my knee since.”

Carol confirms, “When the Lord says He’s going to do something, He does it.  I don’t question how or when.”

“The Lord gave me a scripture," Michael says. "Proverbs 13:17.  I went to The Message Bible.  The second part of that proverb says that 'a reliable reporter is a healing presence.'  I think that’s what happened. Gordon was reporting what the Holy Spirit was speaking to him and it became a healing presence.

"I just look at it as the goodness of God.  He loves us enough to reach down right where we are at.”

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