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Maribel Boone: He Can Do It for You

By Renelle Richardson
The 700 Club “It was so intense that I could not function. There were days that I just could not function.”

Maribel Boone suffered from extreme migraines for four years.

“I would rather die. That’s how bad it was,” Maribel says. "It was to the point that I just didn’t want to exist.”

She also had severe pain in her right eye, and it was getting worse with each migraine attack.

Maribel remembers that “the pain would come, hit my eye, and would take the whole side of my face -- my teeth and everything.”

Her husband Van adds, “It was pretty bad. She was getting to the point where she couldn’t tolerate noise, light, nothing stressful at all. When her eyes got to bothering her, it was hurtful for me to see her that way.”

One night while watching TV, she found The 700 Club. Gordon Robertson and Terry Meeuwsen were praying for healing for those watching the show.

“I said, ‘Lord, if this brother says something today about a right eye… I don’t care what it is about a right eye but if he mentions a right eye, my healing is today.’”

Gordon proceeded to say: “There is someone with a swelling in the sinus in the right cheek. The pain is going back up behind your right eyeball. God just took care of that. You just felt the release from that, just as the word was spoken. You heard it. You just felt the release.”

At that moment, Van said, “Oh, I heard it! You didn’t hear it?”

Maribel recalls, “I felt like my eye popped. This hot thing came over my whole right eye. I felt like there was blood running through my face.”

“She says, ‘It’s healed, it’s healed, it’s healed.’ She went running up and down the hallway screaming and praising God,” says Van.

“I ran to the mirror, looked and there was nothing there,” Maribel says. “The pain was gone. [Van] got excited for me. He goes, ‘I believe you, baby. I believe you.’ He started worshipping with me.”

Van says, “After she got that healing, it was a 180-degree turnaround. Now she’s more functional. She can change the house around. She can do her crafts. She can go outside. No problems at all.”

“Oh, God is real. God is real. God can do it,” Maribel says. “If He did it for me, I know He can do it for anybody. I know God is real. He is real. My God is so awesome.”

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