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Maria Fratacci: Freedom from Pain

by Jay Edgerton and Renelle Richardson
The 700 Club – As told by Maria Fratacci:

My migraines started around the 1980s. It was very rough. My pains were so severe. I felt like my head was going to explode.

I couldn’t even open my eyes. I had to be in a dark room and cover my eyes with a towel. I would get sick constantly. I’d be spitting up. There was nothing that would help me.

My husband would sometimes have to drive me to the hospital, and there they would inject me with medication and keep me in a dark room until the pain subsided. I would fall asleep for awhile, and then I was able to go home. They prescribed some Fioricet at times, and it would help. They would tell me that at the onset of a migraine, I would have to take one of those pills to help it not get so severe. But there were times it just wouldn’t help. For two days after the migraines, I would still be like a truck ran over me. It was really bad.

In 2004, I was watching The 700 Club, and Pat Robertson was praying. All of a sudden, they said, “There’s someone with a migraine headache right now.”

Pat continued, "Now, a terrible headache, a migraine, has been healed. It’s like something across your brow, just a band squeezing you. Right now, God has set that free. You are free. The headaches are gone, and the migraines are gone…"

I felt the Word was for me, and I accepted it. I said Lord, "I know it’s for me," and I didn’t realize until practically the other day that I hadn’t gotten any migraine headaches in two years.

My life has changed so much that now we have the peace. We don’t have to worry that I’m going to get sick.

I was held back from doing so much. I liked to take walks outside with my husband. I like to do gardening.

I am so thankful to the Lord. He healed me of my migraines, and He’ll keep healing me, as long as I have my faith. I trust in my Lord, and I know He can do all.

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