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Pritchard Adams: An Undeniable Miracle

By Michelle Wilson
The 700 Club

CBN.comPritchard Adams served as a missionary to Haiti for 28 years. He was visiting Canada the morning he felt a pain so severe in his head that he collapsed to the bathroom floor. By the time paramedics arrived, his condition had gotten worse.

His wife Dana sets the scene, “Prit grabbed the back of his neck and his eyes just glazed over and he went unconscious. They immediately put the oxygen mask on him and whisked him away.”

In the emergency room, doctors discovered a subarachnoid hemorrhage; an artery at the base of his skull had burst, filling the space between his skull and the thin membrane covering the brain. Nearly half of all people with a ruptured brain aneurysm die. And those who survive likely have severe brain damage.

“They had to put a drain in his head to draw the blood out of his head. He just had tubes coming out from everywhere,” Dana says. “When I saw the look on the doctor’s face and heard the report of the aneurysm that there were few survivors that survived a brain aneurysm. I knew that things were very, very grave.”

Doctors performed surgery to stop the bleeding. But Prit had already slipped into a coma. They didn’t expect him to live through the night. By this time, people around the globe were praying and fasting for Prit’s recovery.

Dana: “We just immediately started to pray. And decided that we would let the medical community do their job and that we would do the thing that we knew how to do best and that was to stand by his bed.”

Prit survived, but not without complications. His blood pressure soared and he developed pneumonia and an infection. Doctors warned Dana that if Prit had a second aneurysm that he would not survive. Two days later, he went into cardiac arrest, and he had a second artery explode in his head.

Dana turned to prayer. “I knew at that moment that Prit was slipping out of my hands and that if God did not intervene we were going to lose him. Immediately I stood by his bed and I started rebuking the spirit of death. I said, ‘No, you cannot come here. You have no authority in this place.’ And I just began to declare, ‘Life Prit, live Prit live Prit.’”

Doctors resuscitated Prit and began to prep him for the surgery to repair the second artery that had burst. But before they could operate something changed.

Dana: “The neurosurgeon came in and he shook his head and he said, ‘Mrs. Adams, your husband is a perplexity to us. Three times now he has skirted death. We were getting ready, prepping him to take him in to do brain surgery to find out where the hemorrhaging was coming from and an hour ago he started to improve. We do not understand and all we can do right now is just say we will follow his progress.’”

Doctors were not optimistic about his full recovery. Cat scans showed the speech and motor areas of Prit’s brain were badly damaged and that he would have permanent and severe neurological impairment.

Dana reflects. “I got very, very tired, and wept, and wondered how long this trial was going to last. But I always believed that the Lord was gonna somehow heal my husband.”

Dana’s faith never wavered. She reminded God of His promise to take care of them.

Dana prays. “And I said, ‘You said in the day of adversity that I could call on You and today is a day of adversity. I need You and I need You now because there is no hope there is no way my husband is going to come out of this unless You give me a miracle, Lord.’”

On July 27th, 23 days after the first aneurysm, Prit woke up and a few days later he started to speak.

Dana: “We prayed that he would start talking and when he started talking he wouldn’t stop.”

After 52 days in the hospital, Prit left in good condition. Today, Prit has fully recovered except for some short-term memory loss. He walks two miles a day and is looking forward to going back to minister in Haiti.

Prit reflects. “I am more thankful than ever for my wife and for my children, for my family and for my spiritual family that we have in Haiti the churches, the believers that we have. I am thankful for every moment now, for every minute that we have and more than ever before.”

Dana: “I’m grateful that I have my husband back. I’m grateful that I have the father of my children back, my lifelong partner, my soul mate, my best friend. I would encourage whoever received a report that contained no hope for them, to take that report to the Lord. Prayer and the word of God are greater than anything they could face.”

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