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Lydia Prytyskacz: Praise for An Answered Prayer

By Sheryl Fountain
The 700 Club“I woke up one morning, and I couldn’t move my right shoulder. I was in gruesome pain.”

Lydia Prytyskacz went straight to her doctor’s office.

“He said we have to do an MRI,” she says.  “That’s the only way he could find out what was wrong.”

Two weeks before Christmas, the doctor called her with the results.

“He told me that I had a torn rotor cuff, and he have to operate on my shoulder.”

After the holidays, Lydia went back to the doctor to schedule her surgery.

“He said, ‘I looked over your MRI, and Lydia, I’m not going to operate. The shoulder is torn so badly that if I do, it would not help.’ All I could think of that I wouldn’t be able to do the things I’m doing today.”

One night as she was watching television The 700 Club came on. She says, “Gordon prayed that there’s someone in the audience that has a very bad torn rotor cuff.”

Gordon says, “A rotator cuff injury in the right shoulder and God is healing that. He’s reattaching ligaments and muscles together again in Jesus name. You’re facing surgery, but God is saying, ‘No, I am healing you right now.’” 

“At that moment, I realized it’s me,” Lydia says. “I jumped out of bed. I lift my arm. I said, ‘That’s me. I claim it.’”

Since that night, Lydia has lived pain free.

“Praise the Lord up to today. I’m healed. I can use my arm, and I don’t have to worry about the pain. My earnest prayer is that I can be a blessing to others, because He has done wonders for me.”

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