The 700 Club with Pat Robertson


The End of a Painful Journey

By Kristin Cooney
The 700 Club “I went in to have a total replacement of my right hip,” Cynthia Azevedo tells The 700 Club. “The surgery was successful. However, when the surgeons had to hammer the replacement into my bone, it irritated the sciatic nerve. That was the problem.”

Cynthia could not do any of the exercises in physical therapy. All she felt was pain.

“There was no way I could raise my right leg that high to even climb the step,” she explains. “It was impossible, the pain was so bad.”

Her doctor did not have an optimistic prognosis. “[He] told me that I would have to live in 24/7 pain for the rest of my life,” she says.

Cynthia prayed with her friend Benita for her healing.

“We were praying that morning and that was one of my depressing mornings. But Benita prayed for a healing.”

Benita remembers praying, “Lord, this glory is all Yours. If anything can help Cynthia, it’s only You. Nobody else can. The doctors have given no hope, and the only way she’s going to be relieved of this pain is if You touch her and heal her.”

Cynthia says, “So when our prayer time was over, I showed her out and went to grab my second cup of coffee to watch The 700 Club… I was feeling really sorry for myself. But God with his mercy said, ‘I have a different idea for you.’”

Cynthia watched Pat Robertson on her TV screen give a Word of Knowledge. He said, “There’s a hip problem. The Lord is healing you.”

“I kinda sat up at that and said, ‘A hip?’ Hmmm, okay, but not really, it’s the sciatic nerve.”

Then Pat said, “That’s why the sciatic nerve is not going to hurt anymore. Whatever’s been rubbing and hurting that nerve has been shifted, and you will be totally healed in the name of Jesus.”

Cynthia knew that Word was for her. She had to test it out.

“I jumped up out of my chair, and I was able to raise my leg up,” Cynthia says. “I was able to go up and down my stairs like a normal person. I have never had that pain come back again.”

Cynthia called Benita with the good news.

“As soon as I heard her voice, I was expecting something,” Bentia says. “I go , ‘What is it Cynthia? What is it?’ I felt it was an answer to prayer of something. So it was incredible. It’s a great difference. In her smile, in her countenance, [you can see] she’s not in pain.”

Cynthia says, “It is healed! It is healed! My God did that. Even at my lowest point, He reached down and touched me.”

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