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Thomas Burgess: Run Over by Dad

By Brian Sanders
The 700 Club Kevin Burgess: “Immediately I knew that there was nothing else there, and that the boys were there, and it’s just a sick feeling in the pit of your stomach that, ‘Oh, my goodness.’”

What started out as a typical morning for Kevin and Tiffany Burgess, turned into a nightmare. 

Kevin: “It’s a terror that I wish on nobody. You’re stuck with this sickening feeling that, ‘Is he going to live?’” 

Kevin accidentally ran over his two sons, Tanner and Thomas, who were playing in the driveway. “Well, my truck sits up so high; I could not see the two boys right in front of my truck. So I put the truck in drive and pulled forward not more than three or four feet and felt my tire run over something!”

Tiffany (Kevin’s wife) “I remember just – I had something in my hands, just kind of throwing it and I think I screamed, but I’m not sure. My thoughts immediately went, ‘I need to get Tanner. I need to get Tanner out so we can get this truck off of Thomas.’   So, I asked Tanner, I said, ‘Can you climb out? Can you climb out? I need you to climb out.’”

Tanner was able to get up on his own, Thomas however, was trapped underneath the truck’s tire.

Kevin : “I pulled on Thomas and-and got him out from under the truck, and in the panic of the moment. We loaded him into her minivan and we took off to the hospital”

Tanner escaped with just a few scratches; Thomas’ injuries were much more serious.

Tiffany: “There was just a lot of blood and he was crying and they started cutting off his clothes and stuff so they could really evaluate him and see what kind of injuries that he had.

Doctors soon realized they couldn’t treat Thomas.

Tiffany: “She said, ‘Right now the damage is more than we can handle here and we need to send you to Scottish Rite in Atlanta, where they specialize in children so that they can really treat him and really give him the care that he needs.’”

Kevin: “You start going, ‘Whoa, this is pretty serious.’”

To their dismay, the incoming doctors were also skeptical.

Dr Michael Schmitz: “He broke his pelvis in 4 different places. That’s an injury you don’t usually see in children and have them survive.”

Doctors said Thomas would spend a minimum of 3 weeks in the hospital and possibly undergo surgery. He would also need to wear a cast from the waist down for about 6-8 weeks. Overwhelmed by the news, the Burgesses were desperate for a miracle.

Kevin: “That night I said, ‘God I need You to be here. I need my son to be healed. I don’t know that I can handle him being physically disabled for the rest of his life. I can’t handle standing there and watching him in pain, knowing that it was a result of something I did.’”

Tiffany: “He was so broken that this had happened. And I couldn’t wait to tell him, I said, ‘Look, I don’t blame you.  You know, I saw this. There is nothing you could have done and I still love you and I’m beside you and we’re gonna get through this.’” 

The severity of Thomas’s condition was more than they could handle. Hanging onto her faith, Tiffany desperately cried out to God.

Tiffany:  “Lord, I don’t know how to pray. You know, I don’t know how to pray. Please heal him. Please heal my son. Please heal my husband,’ because he needed healing also. And, ‘Please help me to get through this because I don’t know how.’”

Pastor Mark Northcutt: “We paused our service and had our entire sanctuary become a prayer room.”

Tiffany: “It was just a tremendous outpouring that just goes beyond words and comprehension.”

God honored those prayers and miraculously. Thomas recovered more quickly than the doctors expected. He went home after only being in the hospital for one week; two weeks earlier than the original prognosis and he only had to wear the cast for 5 weeks.

Dr Michael Schmitz: “I would say we see miracles everyday in a way our patients can heal from different injuries and this would certainly qualify. To have a 2 year-old run over by a 4-ton truck, up walking around as if nothing had ever happened. I’d call that a miracle.”

Thomas: “God can heal anything that you need.”

Kevin: “He went above and beyond.  More than I could have ever asked or hope.  He healed Thomas. Today I don’t have to worry.”

Thomas believes that God has a plan for him. “To tell a lot of people about Him that don’t know Him and to go to all the world to preach the Gospel.”  

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