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Aurea McGarry: Expect the Miraculous

By Robert Hull
The 700 Club

CBN.comAurea McGarry suffered with chest pains for almost a year before she received a grim prognosis from her doctor.

"They told me that they found something in the x-ray and the blood work doesn’t look good. We think it’s some type of cancer, but we don’t know for sure. My mom had just died of cancer a few years earlier, so when I heard the word cancer, I thought death."

Brian McGarry says, "You marry the most beautiful woman in the world, and all of a sudden, that can be taken away from you in a split second. This cancer is invading her life. I just didn’t know what to do. My whole just came crashing to a halt. I thought I was going to lose her."

"At that moment I thought, ‘I’m going to believe for a miracle. I’m going to believe for total healing,'" Aurea says. "I’ve heard of people getting instant healing. My pastor was there praying, my husband was praying, we had called The 700 Club to pray."

"It’s amazing as soon as I called The 700 Club, I felt just so much peace," Brian says. "It was the most amazing thing."

The doctors removed the cancer from her, but as she woke from surgury, they delivered more bad news. Aurea recalls the doctors telling her, "We had to take out the lining around your heart, disconnect half your diaphragm and we had to remove one of the left nerves to your vocal cords and you’re never going to speak again above a whisper. It would be impossible."

Aurea began six months of intense chemotherapy to kill  any remaining cancer cells.

"[She was] really getting really sick and I overheard the doctor say, 'This is the sickest patient that we have ever had,'" Brian says.

She adds, "Chemo almost killed me. The doctor said that the cancer’s curable, but the chemo was the real struggle."

The prayers of her friends and family became a source of hope during her toughest moments. "When I was lying on the floor in the bathroom just wrapped around the toilet bowl, he’d be on the phone agreeing in prayer with The 700 Club."

Doctors finally said Aurea’s cancer was gone, but unfortunately, so was her voice. "But I kept praying that her voice would be restored," Brian says. "It will be restored. I kept believing in those words: 'It will be restored.' I don’t know how long it’s going to take, but it will be restored. God spoke to me and said, 'She is going to be fine.'"

"I couldn’t speak for almost a year," Aurea says. "I was really bad, very faint. I couldn’t even make a phone call 'cause people would hang up on me thinking it was an obscene phone call. About a year or so later my voice starts coming back. Before you know it, I just realized I’m talking."

"Doctors said this was impossible. She would speak no more than a whisper, and this is absolutely a miracle that took place. I believe in miracles," Brian says.

Today Aurea and Brian produce a TV show in the Atlanta area.  Her voice can be heard encouraging people to expect the miraculous in their lives too.

"Any time somebody says that can’t be done, that’s an opportunity for God to show how great He really is," Aurea says. "I don’t believe in impossible no matter what it is, because in God’s eyes, He can do anything."

Brian agrees, "All things can be done through Jesus Christ. You can be healed, your drug addiction can be healed, your cancer can be healed, your stress can be healed. God wants us to make it very simple. Believe in Him. Believe in His Word, and everything can happen."

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