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Shawn Patrick Williams: Dancing with the Devil

By Gorman Woodfin
The 700 Club“I was seeking power. I was seeking something real because I wanted to see something that was tangible. I wanted to see something that was able to work in my life now.”

It was supernatural power Shawn Patrick Williams wanted. He grew up attending church, but never saw a God of power working in his own life.

At 14 Shawn Patrick began using LSD. By 17 when his parents divorced, he was a drug addict living on the streets.

At times, he blamed God for his world falling apart.

Then he took a dangerous turn to the dark side.

Shawn says, “At that time I basically cursed God. I had these desires, and I made a pact with Satan. He could have my soul.”

Soon after his vow, Shawn’s life began to change.

He became a drug dealer. Then he began to meet people that claimed to have the power he wanted. They worshiped Satan.

“I started dating a girl that was into [the Wicca] religion. Through that process [she] had people that were casting spells and reading my tarot cards,” Shawn Patrick recalls.

His reputation as a drug dealer grew and so did his obsession for power.

“I had already had drug affiliate with the dixie mafia, the mexican mafia, and Hell’s Angels. I was selling drugs and interaction with all these people,” he says. “So over time I became personal friends with a preacher of a Church of Satan.”

His lucrative drug deals helped him buy his own business -- a bar.

Soon, a successful nightclub owner approached Shawn and asked him to become a business partner. The man guaranteed Shawn millions in profits… But there was a catch.

His business partner practiced Santeria – a form of satanism involving animal sacrifice.

As part of the deal, Shawn was obliged to join. One evening at the man’s nightclub, Shawn was prepared to make that step.

“I knew they were getting me to the point to a ritual. Over this time period, I’m intrigued about. I’m ready. I’m pretty much at the point to where it’s either I am all the way in or I am all the way out.

“So they took me up into a DJ booth, and there’s about 400 or 500 people dancing there. Now I’m high on ecstasy. I’m high on cocaine. He turned around and held his arms out. He looked in my eyes and said, ‘What do you think?’”

It was then the man offered Shawn riches in the business world if he would seal his deal with Satan with a blood sacrifice.

But at that moment Shawn’s mind cleared. The haze of drugs fell away, and he heard something he’d never heard before.

“A voice spoke into my spirit. It’s like my consciousness. It was just as plain as day. It said, ‘Heaven’s real and hell’s real, and you’ve got to make a choice.’ For the first time in years, I am standing under the power of the Holy Spirit, convicted of sin. I’m clear in my mind. I’m not high, and I’m sitting here looking at him thinking, How in the world did I get here? I said, ‘Oh God, will you help me?’

“At that moment, I said, ‘God, I am a drug addict, and I am worthless here. But if You’ll take my life, I’ll give it to you and do whatever You want me to.’

“Soon as the door opened up, God got me out of there. I never came back. I never tried to call them again. Until nine months later, I found out the bar had shut down.”

Shawn also kicked his drug habit and amazingly never experienced withdrawal symptoms.

Shawn says, “The power of the Holy Spirit brought me through deliverance with no [detoxing], no relapses. To make those desires go away... there’s power in that. I tried to do it three or four times on my own. I couldn’t.”

While Shawn’s initial turn from evil was immediate, a spiritual battle in his home lasted for nine more months.

“I had things happen like my bed levitating off the ground. I’m scared hiding under the sheets. I’ve never experienced anything like this. But finally I got so sick of being scared that I just got up out of my bed and said, ‘You know what? You’re fine. Go ahead and kill me. I’m gonna live for Jesus. I’m gonna be in heaven. You gotta go. You’ve gotta leave in the name of Jesus.’”

The demonic activity in his home vanished that night.

Shawn Patrick began to read the Bible constantly.

“I wasn’t grounded in a good church at that moment yet,” says Shawn. “I would find a Scripture, and I would rest in it and just stand on the Scripture.”

Shawn was still running a bar, so he’d read his Bible at work.

“I’d lay it out on the bar. I would read a Scripture and wait on customers. It was the only thing that would keep those desires from over taking my mind.”

Finally, he sold the bar and after two and a half years of praying and searching, Shawn met and married Christy.

“I thank God for my wife and my children and to be able to live and serve Him… to be able to know Him and His presence and the person of Christ.”

Christy says her husband’s reliance on the Bible is the key to his happy and successful life.

Christy says, “He always brings situations back to the Word of God. And we’re founded on the Word. Our family is founded on the Word. It’s the true north in our life.”

Now he says he’s found the ultimate power in Jesus Christ.

“When I met Him, gave my life to Him, and had my encounter with the Holy Spirit and Jesus, that was power,” says Shawn. “The things that He showed me was He is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all I can ask or think. That is His nature. He’s power.”

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