The 700 Club with Pat Robertson


Michelle Ingle: The Faith of a Child

By Kristin Cooney
The 700 Club“I started just feeling like I was really, really dizzy,” says nine-year-old Michelle Ingle. “Whenever I laid down, I felt like I was a ship going back and forth and not stopping. The pain was up in the middle of my forehead.”

Linda, her mom, recalls, “She had a fever of 101 or higher for three days, and she just had a really bad sinus headache.

“I took her to the doctor because I thought she might have a sinus infection and maybe she could be treated for that. But no, there wasn’t anything he could do except treat the symptoms.”

Michelle“I was home from school,” Michelle says. “I was laying on the couch with my covers off since I was so hot, and I saw The 700 Club. And then Gordon [Robertson] said…”

Someone with recurring headaches, sinus headaches… It’s like a band across your forehead. God’s healing you.

“I knew what Gordon said was true. I knew instantly that I would be healed.”

“She called me in after he gave her the word and told me what he had said,” says Linda. “I said, ‘Honey, God is speaking to you. He wants to heal you. You just need to believe and receive.

Linda“Her fever went down dramatically right away and the dizziness went away. There was a dramatic improvement. Within two to three days she was out again playing soccer.”

“To be able to play soccer without any headaches is fun because I enjoy doing it,” says Michelle.

“The word says if we can have the faith of a child, that’s all it takes,” says Linda. “The innocence to just trust and believe at a word.”

Michelle and her dogMichelle says, “Whenever I grow up I think that my faith is going to be big.

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